Workshop WorkshopEdit

  • Build Workshop

    Reward: 25 Food , Zebra-Rwd Zebra

Let's assemble an axe Let's assemble an axeEdit

  • Assemble the Axe in the Workshop

    Reward: Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast , 100 Experience

Exploring the depths of the forest Exploring the depths of the forestEdit

  • Cut down 4 trees on your island

    Reward: 1250 Coins , Sheep-3 Sheep

Find the hiding Find the hidingEdit

  • Find the Hiding on your island ans try open it

    Reward: 5 Matches  , 100 Experience

Burglar's tool Burglar's toolEdit

  • Assemble Picklocks in the Tree House
  • Open the Hiding with Picklocks and take its contents

    Reward: Papaya-Rwd Papaya , The aborigines' weapons The Aborigines' weapons

Let's make a Pickaxe Let's make a PickaxeEdit

  • Assemble the Pick in the Workshop

    Reward: 1200 Coins , 30 Wood

Hello, Miners! Hello, Miners!Edit

  • Destroy 4 Rocks at your own or your friend's island

    Reward: 5 Energy , 250 Experience

Discovery DiscoveryEdit

  • Find and fetch what was left by geologists on the northern part of the island

    Reward: 10 Energy , Giraffe-Rwd2 Giraffe

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