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Doctors prescribed Steve a vegetable diet. He is afraid that he won't be able to follow the doctors'instructions on the island. It seems that you can help him!

1.Vegetable salad Vegetable saladEdit

Vegetables - are the key to healthy eating. Let's make a vegetable salad for Steve

  • Find 12 of Goat Cheese (can be found while feeding a Goat - Feeding time 40 min)
  • Find 9 Hot Peppers in your Island (Can be found while harvesting Chili - Harvest time 3 hours)
  • Find 10 Sorrel Leaves (Can be found while harvesting Sorrel - Harvest time 2 hours)

Great! The salad's turned out to be right-on! Look, Steve is lapping it up!

Reward: 150 Experience , 750 Coins

2.Diet soup Diet soupEdit

Steve says he doesn't like soups, but the diet won't be complete without them. Perhaps you'll manage to make a delicious soup, which Steve will like?

  • Find 12 portions of Chicken Fillet on your Island (can be found while feeding a Hen - Feeding time 20 min.)
  • Find 9 portions of Tomato Juice on your Island (Can be found while harvesting Tomatoes - Harvest time 4 hours)
  • Find 12 portions of Sorrel Soup (Can be found while harvesting Sorrel - Harvest time 2 hours)

Great! Who says that there can be no meat in healthy food?

Reward: 5 Energy , 3 Water Bottle-Rwd Water Bottles

3.Nice and healthy! Nice and healthy!Edit

One can grow a lot of healthy products on the island! What does Steve think about sweet carrots? It's tasty and healthy as well!

  • Find 12 Sweet Carrots (Can be found while harvesting Carrot - Harvest time 2 hours)
  • Have 10 Water Bottles (Buy for totems or ask from friends)
  • Find 7 Corn Pones (Bread) on your Island (Can be found while harvesting Corn - Harvest time 12 hours)

Great! Think about setting up your own restaurant!

Reward: 250 Food , 3 Coconut-Rwd Coconut Trees

4.Beat the thirst! Beat the thirst!Edit

It can be rather hot on the Island! Steve is a real barman! You only need to bring him all the required ingredients!

  • Find 12 Compots (Stewed Grapes) from the Grapes Collection on your Island
  • Find 9 of Coconut Milk (Can be found while harvesting a Coconut Tree - Harvest time 36 hours)
  • Find 10 Pieces of Ice (Can be found on Ice Island)
Reward: 5 Courage-Rwd Courage , 2 Revitalizer 2x2 Rwd Revitalizer 2x2

5.No chips! No ChipsEdit

Steve will have to forget about chips, but look - there're lots of yummy fruits here!

  • Find 12 Apricot Halves (Dried Apricots) from the Apricot Collection
  • Find 12 Sweet Berries from the Strawberry Collection on your Island
  • Get the crops from 15 Watermelon Gardenbeds on your friends' Island

Fabulous! Who will miss chips having all these fruits?

Reward: 250 Experience , 2 Fire-Rwd Fires

6.Dearest hot-dogs Dearest hot-dogsEdit

Steve misses hot-dogs from the stall at the corner of the street near his house badly. Perhaps you can help him?

  • Make 8 Hot-dogs (can be made in the (improved) Hut. Needed:2 Fires and 12 Food)
  • Find 5 Cores (Cabbage Stump) from the Cabbage Collection
  • Get the crops of Lemons 10 times on your friends' Islands (harvest Lemon Trees on your friend's Islands)

Great! You can't call hot-dogs healthy, but they are so yummy!

Reward: 750 Experience , Pink box-Rwd Pink Box

7.Vegetable salad Vegetable saladEdit

Sometimes one may want something sweet. Look! There're so many many fruits on the island! Why don't you make some sweet dessert?

  • Find 15 Melon Ices on your Island (Can be found while harvesting Melon - Harvest time 3 min.)
  • Find 12 portions of Sorrel Mousse on your Island (Can be found while harvesting Sorrel - Harvest time 2 hours)
  • Find 7 Milk Shakes from Banana Collection

Great! Now no one can say that healthy food can't be delicious!

Reward: Papaya-Rwd Papaya , Buffet lunch-Rwd Buffet lunch

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