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This week you've got a chance to get a unique Rhino

------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days---------------------------------------------------

Unique Rhino - Picto - 1 Itchy and ScratchyEdit

Part 1: The back is itching so! At the same time you need to relax so much. You've got to do something about it!

  • Make a Back Scratcher. (Can be made in the (improved) Treehouse. Needed: 5 Nails, a Handle)
  • Buy 5 Beach Chairs. (Can be bought in the Store/Shop. Costs: 3500 Coin)
  • Find 20 of Milk. (Can be found while feeding Cows. Feeding time: 7 hours)

Good! Now you can have a rest!

Reward: 400 Coins , 3 Amulet-Rwd

Unique Rhino - Picto - 1 Monocerous guestEdit

Part 2: Hey, look what we've got here! What a cute rhino baby! You've got to feed it!

  • Remove 16 Grass.
  • Find 7 Leaves. (Can be found while removing plants)
  • Find 15 Cabbage Leaves. (Can be found while harvesting Cabbage. Harvesting time: 10 hours)

Crunch-crunch-crunch... Looks like it's very hungry!

Reward: PaintPaint; Continental BreakfastContinental breakfast

Unique Rhino - Picto - 1 A hat for a guestEdit

Part 3: The sun is simply scorching! Let's do something about it. You can't turn he sun off, so let's make a hat.

  • Make a hat for the rhino. (Can be made in the Dressmaker. Needed: 3 Pony Horsehair and a Base for a hat.)

Nice! The hat is very nice!

Reward: 10 CarrotsCarrot-Rwd; 90Experience

Unique Rhino - Picto - 1 Clothes for the rhinoEdit

Part 4: Let's find something else to match the hat, an A-shirt for instance!

  • Find an A-shirt of proper Size.
  • Feed Sheep 60 times. (Feeding time: 1 hour)
  • Grow 45 Aubergine beds. (harvest time: 6 hours)

Lovely sight!

Reward: 100 Food; 3 Amulet-Rwd

Unique Rhino - Picto - 1 Funny grimaceEdit

Part 5: You've got the clothes - that's good! But perhaps shall we paint its face?

  • Harvest Lavender 50 times. (harvest time: 2.5 hours)
  • Harvest from the Lemon-Trees 21 times. (Harvest time: 16 hours)
  • Find 9 of Paint. (can be found while removing coloured plants)

The rhino looks better and better!

Reward: Marzipan-Lily Marzipan Lily; 5 Sand-alley Sand-covered alley

Part 6: 

  • Feed 32 cheetahs
  • Buy 28 monkeys (hint: can place ones from inventory)
  • Buy 36 zebras (hint: can place ones from inventory)

New EntertainmentEdit

Part 7: Rhinos  just like all other animals love being played with!

  • Find 5 plush cows
  • Find 6 plush elephants
  • Exchange the Rabbit Collection for a reward 1 time
Reward:  The Unique Rhino!