Tribal garden beds 1 Tribal garden beds 1Edit

  • Buy and place the Garden Bed on the island (costs: 9 Coins)
Reward: 5 Energy , 2 Experience

Tribal garden beds 2 Tribal garden beds 2Edit

  • Harvest your Garden Bed
Reward: 10 Coins , 1 Food

Let's have a look around Let's have a look aroundEdit

  • Find and open a Package burried in the sand
  • Find and open a stranded Package
    You get: Ice skates, a proper Meal, 2 Ropes, a Plummet and Bamboo
Reward: 2 Experience , Wood boards Wood boards

The first tool The first toolEdit

  • Assemble Machete in the Tent
Reward: 150 Energy , 5 Experience