Winter is coming Winter is comingEdit

  • Examine the Ice Flow (Just click on the Ice Flow to examine it.)
  • Find 5 portions of boiled Potatoes
  • Get the crops from Tomato garden-beds 30 times on your Island
Reward: 5 Energy , 150 Experience

Making it coldproof Making it coldproofEdit

  • Find 7 Wool from the Sheep Collection on your Island
  • Find 12 Fans from the Ostrich Collection
  • Make a Warmer (can be made in the Hut. Costs: 7 Sheep Wool and 9 (Plume) Fans)
Reward: 50 Food , 2 Stitching (Spool of Threads)-Rwd Spools of threads

Warm clothes Warm clothesEdit

  • Find 12 Tops from the Carrot Collection
  • Have 12 of Stitching (Buy for Totems or ask from friends)
  • Make a Polar Explorer's Jacket in the Dressmaker's (costs: 3 Warmers, 12 Spools of Threads)
Reward: 5 Energy , 500 Coins

An Island from nowhere An Island from nowhereEdit

  • Get to the Ice Island
  • Examine the Rubble Ice (Just click on the Rubble to examine it.)
  • Examine 15 Cages on Ice Island (Basically every thing is a Cage. Opening costs 1 'Courage' - Refills itself over time, +1 every 20 minutes, or buy extra for Totems)
Reward: 2 Fire-Rwd Fires , 5 Courage-Rwd Courage

How can one warm up How can one warm up?Edit

  • Have 12 of Fires
  • Find 9 of hot Sauce from the Chili Collection
  • Find 7 Carved Leaves on the Tree Island (Harvest the Tree of Life or plant Flowers and harvest them)
Reward: 5 Energy , Kitty Bait-Rwd Kitty Bait

There and Back There and BackEdit

  • Back to the Ice Island
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins


Glass clinker Glass clinkerEdit

  • Try to kick away the Giant Snake (Click on the Snake to try to kick it away.)
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Battle Scheme Battle SchemeEdit

Reward: 5 Energy , Snake catcher' bait-Rwd Snake cather' Bait (Snake catcher Bait?)

Battle with the Snake Battle with a SnakeEdit

  • Kick away the Giant Snake
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

A small trick A small TrickEdit

  • Find 12 portions of Chicken fillets on your Island
  • Find 3 white Mice from the Python Collection
  • Find 7 Pumpkin Pies
Reward: 150 Experience , A cake for the snake-Rwd A cake for the snake

How to tame a Snake How to tame a Snake?Edit

  • Feed the Giant Snake
Reward: 500 Experience , Prehistorical Serpent-Rwd Prehistorical Serpent

Ice Island secrets Ice Island secretsEdit

  • Feed the prehistorical Serpent 1 time on your Island
  • Search out the Ice Island 3 times (open every cage! Needs a lot of 'Courage')
  • Find all hiding-places on the Ice Island 4 times

(extra reward every time you succeed: 500 Experience , 3000 Coins , an Ice Cube Ice Cube (find it in your Inventory)

Reward: 250 Food , Papaya-Rwd Papaya Tree

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