Island on the Horizon!

Island on the Horizon Island on the HorizonEdit

  • Find Undugi near the Bungalow and talk to him
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Special Rudder

Upgrading Your Boat Upgrading Your Boat!Edit

  • Upgrade your Boat (needed: 8 pieces of Rudder, 10 Paint, 18 Rope, 8 Sailcloth, 16 Rivets and 20 Poles)
  • Harvest Wheat on your island 60 times
  • Collect 20 Water Bottles
Reward: 1000 Coins , Proper Meal-Rwd Proper Meal

New Land New LandEdit

  • Reach Fort Island
Tree-Isle-Friends in misery
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

New Friend New FriendEdit

  • Talk to the inhabitant of Fort Island
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Medicine for Steve Medicine for SteveEdit

  • Make a Spade in the Workshop
  • Drive away at least one Lizard on Fort Island

    Reward: 25 Food , 6 Coconut-Rwd Coconuts

Tree-Isle-Found Suitcase

Swamp Hummocs Swamp HummocsEdit

  • Find Steve's Suitcase in the Fort Island Swamp
  • Take Steve's medicine out of the Suitcase
Reward: 250 Experience , 4 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Tree-Isle-Empty Tube

The Saving Medicine The Saving MedicineEdit

  • Bring the medicine to Steve
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Tikki's Medicine Tikki's MedicineEdit

  • Ask Undugi about a medicine for Steve's legs
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Natural Drugs Natural Drugs Edit

  • Brew the Ointment for Steve in the Cauldron
  • Find 10 Venom Glands from the SwampLizard Collection on the Fort Island
Reward: 100 Food , 6 Watermelon-Rwd Watermelons
Fort-Island-Medicine supply

Medicine Supply Medicine SupplyEdit

  • Take the medicine to Steve

Fort Island-End
Reward: Sand Castle-Rwd Sand Castle

K.O.'s Diary-Page 3 of 12-Rwd Page 3 of 12 of K.O.'s diary

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