Tribute to volcano-Header

-------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days----------------------------------------------------------------

Unquenchable thirst Unquenchable thirstEdit

Part 1: The tribute to the spirit Sibbo must contain drinks to quench his thirst. You'll find something useful on your island for sure.

Reward: 100 Food , Ostrich-Rwd Ostrich

Ocean gifts Ocean giftsEdit

Part 2: Inquisiting Sibbo Spirit is curious about everything, he'll surely like fishes of bright colours.

  • Find 30 Surgeonfish Surgeonfish on your island.
  • Find 5 Tang Tangs on your island.
  • Find 25 Snapper Snappers on your island.
Reward: 7 Energy, 4 Goat-Rwd Goats

Tropical Sun Tropical SunEdit

Part 3: Seems like the Elders got fatigued in the broiling tropical sun. Let's bring them something refreshing

  • Find 12 of Goat milk on your island.
  • Find 4 Tomato juice on your island.
  • Find 15 Grape juice from the Grapes Collection
Reward: 1000 Coins , 4 Wheat-Rwd Wheat

Hungry spirit Hungry spiritEdit

Part 4: The Volcano Spirit likes a good meal but to still his hunger, one needs a lot of food. The tribe needs your help!

Reward: 8 Energy, 3 Cheetah-Rwd Cheetah

Warriors' offerings Warriors' offeringsEdit

Part 5: Being true warriors, the Tikki are sure that beautiful animal felt will please Sibbo spirit like nothing else

  • Find 3 Zebra fell
  • FInd 7 Cheetah fell on your island
  • Find 15 of wool from the Sheep Collection on your island
Reward: 750 Experience , 5 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

Curious Spirit Curious SpiritEdit

Part 6: One has to offer something unusual to Sibbo spirit. You have to do your best to surprise it. Hurry up, there's very little time left!

  • Find 6 plush Goats on your island
  • Find 10 plush Sheep on your island
  • Find 3 plush Ostriches

    Reward: 20 Amulet-Rwd Amulets , Volcano Spirit-Rwd Volcano Spirit