Give me your heart Give Me Your HeartEdit

  • Send 2 Hearts to your friends
  • Begin building the Tree of Love (costs: 900 Coins)
Reward: 50 Experience , White Teddy bear White Teddy Bear

Island Romance Island RomanceEdit

  • Get 2 Hearts from your friends (all you have to do is ask for them)
  • Collect your prize (reward) from your Tree House (when there is a yellow arrow above it)
  • Complete the Tree of Love
    (needed: 1 Birdhouse, 2 Life-giving water (Sweet Water), 4 Nests, 2 Hearts, 6 Flowers, 6 Paint)
Reward: 75 Experience , Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Love Letters Love LettersEdit

  • Collect 3 Sand (can be found during every action, especially removing Rocks)
  • Restore your Energy by collecting your prize (Reward) from the Tree of Love
  • Produce 3 Bottles in your Hut
    (needed: 3 Clean Sand and 1 Fire per Bottle)
Reward: 100 Experience , 2 Fence with hearts Fences with Hearts

Island Delivery Service Island Delivery ServiceEdit

  • Produce 3 Letters in Bottles
    (needed: a Bottle and a Love Letter, which only can be asked for from your friends or bought with a Totem)
  • Find 5 sweet Carrots
  • Find 3 Portions of Sugar from the Zebra Collection
Reward: 250 Experience , 2 Rose Heart Rose Hearts

Holiday Treats Holiday TreatsEdit

  • Find 7 Bananas in Chocolate
  • Harvest Grapes 26 times on your Island (Harvest time: 1 hour)
  • Find 5 Marmalade from the Kiwi Collection
Reward: Lollipop Heart Lollipop Heart , Zebra-Rwd Zebra

One More Bite One More BiteEdit

  • Find 8 portions of Grape Jelly
  • Find 9 portions of Melon Ice cream on your Island
Reward: Valentine's table Valentine's Table , 5 Tiles with hearts Tiles with hearts