The night of Fireworks-Header

In Tikki tribe there are a lot of beautiful traditions. One of them is The night of Fireworks. All the tribe gathers together to look at the beautiful lights in the sky.

--------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days-----------------------------------------------------------

Making a Fire-Timed Making a fireEdit

Part 1: It is so cozy to sit at the fire on a chilly autumn evening. The Tikki love to have everything the best, so one has to make the biggest fire!

  • Have 2000 Wood
  • Have 12 of Fire
  • Help friends 75 times
Reward: 350 Experience , 750 Coins

Dinner for Ticky-Timed Dinner for TickyEdit

Part 2: If a Tikki is hungry, he won't be able to enjoy the fireworks to the full extent. You'll have to make a celebratory dinner.

  • Get the crops of Tomatoes 100 times on your island
  • Find 15 portions of Aubergine (Egg-plant) salad
  • Find 12 dried Melons on your island
Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Cow-Rwd Cows

Late supper-Timed Late supperEdit

Part 3: These Tikki! Do you know that besides an ordinary dinner, they also have a late supper?

  • Get the crops of Strawberries 120 times on your island
  • Find 15 milk from the Cow Collection
  • Find 12 portions of Grapes jelly on your island
Reward: 600 Experience , 6 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

Fire flowers-Timed Fire flowersEdit

Part 4: The fireworks ought to be awesome. What can be more fabulous than fire flowers in the night sky? Why don't you get inspired by nature?

Reward: 10 Energy , 6 Sheep-Rwd Sheep

Lights in the night sky-Timed Lights in the night skyEdit

Part 5: Firework lights can illuminate the night sky even brighter than a full moon! What a fabulous performance it is!

  • Find 18 Wool from the Sheep Collection
  • Find 15 Grass blades with dew
  • Kick away the Python 12 times
Reward: 1750 Coins , 2 Fresh water sweet Water

Safety comes first-Timed Safety comes firstEdit

Part 6: Fireworks are beautiful, but they are also very dangerous. First of all you have to prepare a site and to think of safety.

  • Gather 35 Grass
  • Have 15 of fresh Water
  • Find the Fire-extinguisher from the Chili Collection
Reward: 150 Food , Piggy' Spray-Rwd Piggy'Spray

Let's add more colours-Timed Let's add more coloursEdit

Part 7: Where can one find suitable colours for the fireworks? Perhaps flowers form the Tree island can help?

  • Find 150 blue Petals
  • Find 30 green Petals
  • Find 50 yellow Petals
Reward: 350 Wood , 2 Gunpowder-Rwd Gunpowder

Grand show-Timed Grand showEdit

Part 8: When making fireworks, the most important thing is safety! Let's add some colour. Done!

  • Have 12 of Powder
  • Make 7 Fireworks
  • Start the green Firework (3 times!!!)
Reward: 1500 Experience , The best fire-worker-Rwd The best fire-worker