A small step A small stepEdit

Part 1: 

  • Create Fire 5 times
  • Exchange the Sheep Collection 3 times
  • Gather a Melon harvest 50 times on you island

    Reward: 100 Experience , 4 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Interesting comet facts Interesting comet factsEdit

Part 2: Did you know that a comet has a shiny coat that's over a million kilometers in size, comprised of water vapors and dust?

Reward:  100 Experience , 8 Energy

Fascinating Comet facts Fascinating Comet factsEdit

Part 3: Approximately 40 tons of water vapors and dust evaporate from a comet's surface every second. So how come comets don't "lose weight"?

  • Find 10 Eggplant rolls
  • Make 3 Pipes (Can be made in the (improved) Hut.)
Reward: 100 Experience , 50 Pumpkin-Rwd Pumpkins

The Final Frontier The Final FrontierEdit

Part 4: It follows that our ancestors were wrong in thinking comets and meteors were either gods or mythical heroes that had risen up to the skies

  • Make 3 Spyglasses (can be made in the Lighthouse)
  • Find 10 Settlers' punch from the Lemon Collection on your island
  • Find 3 pieces of Cake from the Kiwi Collection on your island
Reward: 100 Experience , Coconut-Rwd Coconut

And yet it's spinning! And yet it's spinning!Edit

Part 5: The first telescope was invented back in the 17th century, and the first person to gaze upon the starry skies with its help was Galileo Galilei.

  • Have a Research Bureau (updating the Laboratory)
  • Have 1 Telescopes (can be made in the Research Bureau)
  • Buy and place 3 Hawaiian Gazebos on your island (costs: 7500 Coins, can be bought in the "Decorations" section of the Store as "Hawaiian Arbour".)
Reward: 100 Experience , Mango-Rwd Mango

The Tailed Traveler The Tailed TravelerEdit

Part 6: Maybe if we use light to signal to the Tailed Comet in morse code, it will notice your hospitable island?

  • Make 10 Electric Street lights (can be made in the Workshop/Research Bureau)
  • Buy and place 10 Torches on your island (can be bought in the "Decorations" section of the "Store")
  • Find 10 Seashells from the Grass Collection on your island
Reward: 500 Experience , The Tailed Comet-Rwd The Tailed Comet