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About QuestsEdit

There are many different types of Quests in this game.
At the start of the game, you are presented with a series of mini-quests, as a Tutorial. When you finish the first Quest, you will immediately get another to complete. During the game, many of those mini-quests will appear.

Once you reach level 4, you are given your first full Quest, which is made up of multiple tasks that must be completed in sequence, in order to move onto the next task.
Because there is no time limit on most Quests, multiple can be open at the same time and sometimes it even can be an advantage to do so. Often there are similar tasks in different Quests.
Most Quests have 5 or more tasks in them.
You will know which Quest and which task you are on by looking at the icon on the left hand side of your gamescreen. The icon will show you which task you are working on, with a Roman Numeral (I, II, III, IV, etc).

Timed Quests do have a time limit!!!
These special Quests are also made up of multiple tasks that must be completed in sequence in order to move onto the next task. But now, all these tasks must be completed within a given time frame, usually 5-8 days. (when you don't succeed within the given time, you get the option to "buy" more time with Totems)

Building material for the Hut Let's start building The construction is at the height Final touches


Some improvements

Let's get started with farming

Let's clean the site Watermelon field on the island Helping friends Let's make a emergency supply

Harvest! Wheat field Let's start with hens Ostrich farm Taking care for ostriches Profit!

Vegetables for fest Fruit for fest Ham for fest Fest! Let's make sandwiches Visit!

Exploring the jungle Mysterious suitcase Aided eye

Workshop Let's assemble an axe Exploring the depths of the forest Find the hiding Burglar's tool Let's make a Pickaxe Hello, Miners! Discovery

Let's build radio cabin Lessons on radio engineering Shrine of science Island science Hello World! Wait for help!

Faraway light Light shining in the darkness Telescope

Time to rest Let's Shake a Cocktail Carry on with it Your tropical shake is ready! Let's make necklaces

We must know!


Butterflies! I am Nabokov!

Educated Monkeys-Picto Empty 30x30 Housing Conditions-Picto Empty 30x30 Island Breeding-Picto Empty 30x30 Jack-off-all-Trades-Picto Empty 30x30 Jack the Parrot-Picto Empty 30x30 Let's have a party-Picto Empty 30x30 Steve's Bar-Picto Empty 30x30 The Island Tailor-Picto Empty 30x30 The Naturalist's Research-Picto Empty 30x30 Tree of Love-Picto Empty 30x30

A small spark-Picto Abandoned hut-Picto Champion's breakfast-Picto Collector-Picto Day of the Better Hunter-Picto Dying Tree-Picto Elders' Gift-Picto Fire Flowers-Picto

Fishery-Picto Flamy Mustangs-Picto Floating Debris-Picto Friend of Animals-Picto Haute Cuisine Let's make a Bow and Arrows-Picto Little Raccoon-Picto Man's best Friend

Medicine Thieves-Picto Memory Whirpool-Picto Mysterious Temple-Picto New Clothes Plane in the Sky-Picto Poor Pony-Picto Regular Day-Picto Sunken ship-Picto

The night of Fireworks-Picto The Old Fort-Picto The Tailed Comet-Picto Tikki Tribe-Picto Trip to Ice Island-Picto Trip to Volcano Island-Picto-I Vegetable diet Wild wild Island-Picto

Christmas! Empty 30x30 Jack 'o' Lantern Empty 30x30 Santa's List-Picto Empty 30x30 Spring Fest-Picto Empty 30x30 Summer List-Picto

Dying Tree II - Picto Empty 30x30 Friend of Animals II - Picto Empty 30x30 Golden Mustangs - Picto Empty 30x30 Ice Island II - Picto Empty 30x30 Regular Day II - Picto Empty 30x30 Super Collector - Picto Empty 30x30

Abduction of the Century


  • Anniversary (available after update 1.86.1; contains 5 parts, Time limit: 30 days 15 hours)

Banana Paradise-I

Big Wet Day

Champion's Breakfast-II

Dance Festival-I

Day of the Best Hunter

Fire in the Heart

Golden Fleece-Start

  • Golden Fleece (Contains 8 parts. Time limit: 29 days, 8 hours)

Harvest Fest

  • Harvest Fest (starts at level 32, contains 7 parts. Time limit: 7 days)

Hunter's Big Heart

Island gamess

Island Plainsboro

Invasion of really wild animals

Mandarin Duck

Memory Abyss

Miss Island

Platinum Fleece-Start

Rescue Mission

Royal Hippopotamus

Sky Flamingo

South-polar wind

Spring Fest!

  • Spring Fest (Seasonal Quest, available for level 30 and above, contains 4 parts. Time limit: 11 days)

The night of Fireworks-Timed

Tribute to volcano

Vegetable diet-II

Energetic marathon

Totems' marathon1

Viral marathon1


Hope of Rescue Packing for the road First journey Tree Isle White bear Meeting Undugi Sleeping Tutti-Frutti Smart plan Tree Isle Meeting Undugi Seeds of the Tree of Life Planting miraculous flowers Collecting petals The trunk has opened!

Island on the Horizon Upgrading Your Boat New Land New Friend Medicine for Steve Swamp Hummocs The Saving Medicine Tikki's Medicine Natural Drugs Medicine Supply

Winter is coming Making it coldproof Warm clothes An Island from nowhere How can one warm up There and Back Glass clinker Battle Scheme Battle with the Snake A small trick How to tame a Snake Ice Island secrets

Secret of a wreck Decipering the flight's recording Basics of Navigation Precious Supplies Cruel Storm Reference Point Guiding Light Light in the darkness To the Adventures! Rabid dogs Introduction Remember everything Voices from the past Mysterious device Pure Energy Green Energy New Questions One-armed bandit Unanswered questions

1.Burning Stones 2.Find the Answer 3.Elder's Clothes 4.Gifts for the Volcano 5.Construct a Path 6.Let's check the Map 7.Boiling Waters 8.Be ready for whatever comes 9.Store of food 10.Let's go 11.Radiance 12.Mysterious cube 13.Making way 14.What does N know 15.Mysterious cube-II 16.Lets stop the warming! 17.Fire flowers

There are 8 different Weekly Tasks, which are available for 7 days each.
They appear in a preset order, which is displayed below.

Dolphin-Bush PictoEmpty 30x30Dolphin Bush

Brazil Turtle PictoEmpty 30x30Brazil Turtle

Festive Lama PictoEmpty 30x30Festive Lama

Red Riding Hood CowEmpty 30x30Red Riding Hood Cow

Unique Rhino - PictoEmpty 30x30Unique Rhino

Lovers Tree - PictoEmpty 30x30Lovers Tree

Zebra-Bush PictoEmpty 30x30Zebra Bush

Giraffe the Juggler - PictoEmpty 30x30Giraffe the Juggler


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