Strange sounds Strange soundsEdit

Part 1: Can you hear that strange rustle behond the Fort door? Or perhaps it's only you imagination? Why not talk to Steve?

  • Talk to Steve
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

A creaking door A creaking doorEdit

Part 2: How can one open this door? It seems to be locked from the inside. But how can this happen? Is somebody in?

  • Get the team for opening the Fort (Required size of the tribe: 10; meaning at least 9 friends)
  • Help friends 75 times
  • Get the crops of Tomatoes 50 times at your island
Reward: 500 Coins , Bait-'Tail'-Rwd Bait-'Tail'

Who is there Who is there?Edit

Part 3: They used to build for a full due in the past! No way, you can't open the door! Perhaps you'll be able to see the hindering thing?

  • Get the items for opening the Fort
    (needed: 5 Gunpowder, 6 Wood Boards, 5 bunches of Keys, 5 forge Hammers, 7 copper Leaves and 8 Fretsaws)
  • Kick away Lizards on the Fort Island 7 times
  • Find 12 tin Cans from the Sea Garbage (Waste) Collection on your Island
Reward: 5 Energy , Uncle Sam' Spray-Rwd Uncle Sam' Spray
Fort text-I

Half-opened door Half-opened doorEdit

Part 4:Come on, enter the mysterious Fort and find out all its secrets!

  • Enter the Fort
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Searching out the Fort Searching out the FortEdit

Part 5:You've got to examine everything thoroughly, perhaps you'll find some clues, explaining what's happened.

  • Examine 10 cages on the first floor (Basically everything is a Cage. Opening them costs 1 'Courage' - Refills itself over time, +1 every 20 minutes, or buy extra for Totems)
  • Find the hiding-place (a randomly determined cage)
Reward: 150 Experience , 10 Courage-Rwd

Fort text-II

Strange footprints Strange footprintsEdit

Part 6: Looks like the footprints lead to the stairs! The answers have to be on the second floor. But the staircase is ruined!

  • Start repairing the staircase (Required size of the tribe: 10; meaning at least 9 friends)
  • Search out the first floor
  • Find Peat Moss 23 times
Reward: 5 Energy , 2 Bricks-Rwd Bricks

White ants White antsEdit

Part 7: No wonder that the staircase is ruined. Looks like it's completely destroyed by the white ants. You've got to work a little more.

  • Make 12 handmade Bars in the Carpenter's house. (Workshop)
  • Find 9 Baskets from the Reed (Cane) Collection
  • Have 14 Bricks

Hint: ask Bricks from your friends and cut Reed/Cane on their islands

Reward: 1000 Coins , Proper Meal-Rwd proper Meal

Still waters Still watersEdit

Part 8: Now this is strange. It all looks like nothing ever happened on the second floor. Perhaps one has to be more attentive?

  • Finish the Staircase reconstruction
  • Find the hiding-place on the second floor
  • Examine 15 cages on the second floor
Reward: 150 Food , 2 Fire-Rwd2 Fires

Fort text-III

Keep Out! Keep Out!Edit

Part 9: That's creepy! But every shadow is afraid of the light! What you need is a good idea!

  • Create fire 10 times (Can be done in the Tent; Needed: Matches and 10 Wood)
  • Make 10 Torches in the Lighthouse (Needed: 1 Fire and 1 Oiled Cloth)
  • Kick away the Shadow
Reward: 175 Experience , A piece of the note-Rwd
A piece of the Note

Another note Another noteEdit

Part 10: Familiar handwriting. One more note from K.O. You've got to search out this place more carefully - you might find the lacking pieces.

  • Find all the pieces of K.O.'s note.
  • Find 5 Lizard's claws.
  • Get the crops from the garden-beds 50 times on the Fort Island
Reward: 1000 Coins , 2 Glue-Rwd Glue

Doing the Puzzle Doing the PuzzleEdit

Part 11: You'll need a little of glue, a new sheet of paper and some time to place all the pieces in the correct order!  It seems to be very easy!

Reward:  1500 Experience , K.O.'s Note-Rwd K.O.'s note

New cipher New cipherEdit

Part 12: there's something wrong with this note. do you see these little dashes near every letter? Too small print. You need to have something to be able to read them.

  • Search out the second floor
  • Find 15 old Microscopes in K.O.'s Hut on Tree Island
  • Exchange the Fort Collection for a Reward
Reward: 6 Amulet-Rwd , K.O.'s diary Page 4 out of 12-Rwd K.O.'s diary Page 4 out of 12

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