A small Improvement A Small ImprovementEdit

Part 1: Doctor Ross needs your help for her research. And why put off till tomorrow what you can do today? Get to work!

Reward: 550 Energy , 6 Cabbage-Rwd Cabbages

Workaholic WorkaholicEdit

Part 2: Doctor Ross has become so absorbed in her work, that it seems she's forgotten about the world around her

  • Find 6 Milkshakes from the Banana Collection
  • Pick Tomatoes 175 times on your friends' Islands
  • Find 3 cabbage Butterflies on your Island
Reward: 150 Food , 6 Peanuts-Rwd Peanut plants

Research Station Research StationEdit

Part 3: The Greenhouse will turn out great! Doctor Ross will be very pleased with your work!

  • Complete the Greenhouse Improvements
    (needed: 19 Electric bulbs, 15 Flowerpots, 17 Flasks , 11 Flowers, 10 Poles, 18 Glass)
  • Find 7 Peanut shells from the Peanut Collection
  • Chase away 26 Boars (Wild Hogs)
Reward: 750 Experience , 6 Wheat-Rwd Wheat

Unusual Soil Unusual SoilEdit

Part 4: For some reason, plants from the island grow very poorly in Doctor Ross's Greenhouse. Perhaps something is wrong with the soil?

  • Obtain 36 bags of Fertilizer (buy for Totems or ask friends)
  • Make 2 heart-shaped Flowers (in the Greenhouse)
  • Collect your reward from the Greenhouse 2 times
Reward: 3750 Coins , 6 Revitalizer 2x2 Rwd Revitilizer 2x2

Island Breeding Island BreedingEdit

Reward: 8 Energy , Pitchfork-Rwd Pitchfork

Additional Materials Additional MaterialsEdit

Hint: The germinated Seeds will show up randomly as you harvest Crops, feed your Animals, or harvest your Trees. They are not part of any actual Collection.

Reward: 15 Amulet-Rwd , Blue box-Rwd Blue Box