A working place A working placeEdit

  • Start building the Dressmaker's (costs: 6960 Coins , 36 Wood)
  • Find 5 Wool from the Sheep Collection
  • Get the crops from 15 Tomato garden-beds (harvest time: 4 hours)
Reward: 150 Wood , 2 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Cutting off the needless Cutting off the needlessEdit

Reward: 550 Coins , 2 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

Completing the construction Completing the constructionEdit

  • Finish the Dressmaker's construction
    (needed: 7 Wood Boards, 11 Colorfull Ribbons, 10 Poles, 12 Fabric, 4 Shelves, 16 Tiles)
  • Find 5 Fans from the Ostrich Collection
  • Get friends' help 50 times
Reward: 7 Energy , 2 Flowers Flowers

Tropical widgets Tropical widgetsEdit

  • Make a Lei in the Dressmaker's 
    (needed: 10 Flowers and 1 Spool of Threads)
  • Put on the Lei
  • Help friends 50 times

Hint: To put on the Lei, go to your Inventory, find the Lei you created (Inventory/ Craft), and click "Dress".

Reward: 250 Experience , Stylish Trousers-Rwd Stylish widgets

Sombrero SombreroEdit

  • Find 3 Sombreros from the Vulture Collection
  • Get the crops of Apricots 56 times on your friends' Islands
  • Find 6 portions of Melon Ice-cream
Reward: Stylish Shoes-Rwd Stylish Shoes , Stylish Ladies' Shoes-Rwd Stylish Ladies' Shoes

The best stitching The best stitchingEdit

  • Get 20 Thread Spools (ask for them from your friends or buy them with Totems)
  • Make Explorer's Boots in the Dressmaker's
  • Get reward from the Dressmaker's 3 times
Reward: Stylish felt Hat-Rwd Stylish felt Hat , Stylish veiled Hat-Rwd Stylish veiled Hat

In search of inspiration In search of inspirationEdit

  • Get the crops from 25 Carrot garden-beds (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 5 Python's skins from the Python Collection
  • Get the crops of Bananas 48 times on you Island (Harvest time: 8 minutes)
Reward: Stylish Shirt and Vest-Rwd Stylish Shirt and Vest , Stylish black Dress-Rwd Stylish black Dress