Favorable climate Favorable climateEdit

Steve's Bar-Steve-I

Part 1: A swamp isn't the best place for a man with bad legs. Talk to Steve and help him relocate.

  • Speak with Steve on Fort Island
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Getting ready for the trip Getting ready for the tripEdit

Part 2: You know the way to Fort Island well, but the sea is always full of surprises. Perhaps you should make some emergency provisions.

  • Collect 6 soft Pillows (to be obtained by Totems or asking friends)
  • Find 4 cans of Corn on your Island
  • Find 7 Sauerkraut (Cabbages needed; harvest time 10 hours)
Reward: 150 Food , 4 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Steve's Bar-Steve-II

Baggage BaggageEdit

Part 3: Now just load Steve's things in the boat and we'll be off!

  • Speak with Steve on Fort Island
  • Go back to your Island
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

A bar on the island A bar on the IslandEdit

Part 4: Steve has always dreamed of opening his own bar. The Island won't get too many visitors, but that's not so important.

  • Begin constructing a Bar on your Island
  • Harvest Grapes 60 times (harvest time 1 hour)
  • Find 8 portions of Sugar from the Zebra Collection
Reward: 250 Coins , 6 Peanuts-Rwd Peanuts

Light Snacks Light SnacksEdit

Part 5: It's hard to imagine a bar without some snacks. You can find some snacks on the island.

  • Complete the Bar's construction (needed: 8 Bamboo, 14 Electric bulbs, 11 Leaves, 14 Wood boards, 7 sweet Water and 6 Rivets)
  • Find 6 chocolate-covered Peanuts (Harvest time: 2 days)
  • Find 14 Chips from the Potatoes Collection
Reward: 150 Coins , 250 Experience

Steve's Bar-Steve-III

Grand Opening Grand OpeningEdit

Part 6: Construction complete. Time to show Steve his new bar. He'll love it!

  • Speak with Steve on your Island
Reward: 150 Coins , 50 Experience

Work conditions Work ConditionsEdit

Part 7: The most important ingredient in any cocktail is the bartender's skill. Nothing can distract him, especially wild animals

  • Chase away 5 wild Animals
  • Collect a reward from the Bar 2 times
  • Send your friends 30 Hot Dogs
Reward: 750 Coins, 4 Lemon-Rwd Lemon Trees

First Cocktail First CocktailEdit

Part 8: To make a cocktail, you must carefully follow the recipe! But a little bit of improvisation will make the cocktail not just good but great!

  • Collect 10 blue Petals
  • Find 22 Lemonades from the Lemon Collection
  • Make a Nimble Farmer Cocktail in the Bar
Reward: 500 Experience , 4 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Taste Testing Taste TestingEdit

Part 9: Steve says that he's made his best cocktail. Why not take a break and quench your thirst?

  • Drink 5 of Steve's Cocktails
  • Clean up 108 Crops from your Island
Reward: 8 Energy , 5 Nimble Farmer Cocktail-Rwd Nimble Farmer Cocktails

Lucky chap Lucky chapEdit

Part 10: Steve made a special cocktail for you. And he says the drink got its name for a reason!

  • Make a Lucky Cocktail
  • Find 9 Quarter-Foils from the Luck Collection on your island
  • Find 8 Plush Behemoths (plush Hippos)
Reward: 500 Experience , Chocolate Fountain-Rwd Chocolate Fountain

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