Spring Fest!-Header

It's spring time coming to the island. Go through all Spring Fest quests to get exclusive rewards not available from the Store.

--------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 11 days ------------------------------------------------------------

Spring-Cleaning Spring-ClearingEdit

Part 1: Winter is over, however on a tropical island you need to clean up the winter mess. Roll up your sleeves and get down to work!

  • Dispose of 6 bundles of Grass on your island
  • Collect 10 Grass on friends' islands
Reward: 50 Experience , 2 Balloons-Rwd Balloons

Let's decorate the island Let's decorate the islandEdit

Part 2: Use a bit of fantasy and decorations to embellish your island before the Fest

  • Buy 4 Heart Tiles (costs 3 Totem per Tile)  Hint: Skipping will cost you only 10 Totem
  • Buy 6 flowery Fences (costs: 2500 Coins per Fence)
  • Buy a Gate decorated with Flowers (costs: 4000 Coins per Gate)
Reward: 40 Food , a Coconut-Rwd Coconut Tree

Spring Sheep! Spring Sheep!Edit

Part 3: It's the time for the last task. It's rumoured the spring sheep lives somewhere on the island. Try to domesticate it.

  • Buy 24 Sheep (costs: 378 Coins per Sheep)
  • Sell 24 grown-up Sheep
  • Harvest 10 Corn (costs: 270 Coins per patch)
Reward: 3 Energy , a Spring Sheep-Rwd Spring Sheep

Let's collect a flowers bouquet Let's collect a Flower BouquetEdit

Part 4: Well, here is your last task: collect a huge bunch of flowers! Use totems and ask your friends to help in the quest.

  • Collect 9 blue Flowers (costs: 1 Totem per Flower)
  • Collect 7 pink Flowers (costs: 1 Totem per Flower)
  • Collect 11 white Flowers (costs: 1 Totem per Flower)
Reward: 5000 Coins , 2 Bunch of Flowers-Rwd Huge bunches of Flowers