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1.Sunrise SunriseEdit

Part 1: It's the early bird that... can do anything! Today the weather is simply wonderful, it's just the right time to get busy in the vegetable garden!

  • Plant 40 Potato beds. (harvest time: 10 min.)
  • Harvest from 60 Melon beds. (harvest time: 3 min.)
  • Find 9 Melon Ices. (can be found while harvesting Melons. Harvest time: 3 min.)
Reward: 500 Coins , 8 Energy

2.Early Morning Early MorningEdit

Part 2: Everything in the garden is done, but what about the animals? They also need your attention!

  • Buy 40 Sheep.
  • Exchange the Sheep Collection for a reward 1 time.
  • Feed Sheep 80 times.

Beautiful sheep are growing up!

Reward: 200 Experience , 50 Food

3.Breakfast BreakfastEdit

Part 3: Feeding animals is great. But don't forget about yourself!

  • Find 5 pots of Grapes compot (can be found while harvesting Grapes. Harvest time: 1 hour)
  • Find 7 sweet Carrots (can be found while harvesting Carrots. Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 3 fried Bananas (can be found while harvesting Bananas. Harvest time: 7 min.)

Mmm! Excellent! But something is missing.

Reward: 60 Experience , 4 Ostrich-Rwd Ostriches

4.Something is missing Something is missingEdit

Part 4: Something is positively missing in your breakfast... Perhaps something sweet?

  • Find 6 Apricot pudding. (can be found while harvesting Apricot Trees. Harvest time: 3 hours)
  • Find 9 Kiwi fruit jelly. (can be found while harvesting Kiwi Trees. Harvest time: 1 hour, 30 min.)
  • Find 3 Strawberry tarts (can be found while harvesting Strawberries. Harvest time: 20 min.)

Right! Now the breakfast is sure to be excellent!

Reward: 13 Energy , 4 Kiwi-Rwd Kiwi Trees

5.Midday MiddayEdit

Part 5: After a delicious lunch... Hey, right! Lunch is about to start and nothing is ready for it!

  • Make 10 Fire(s) (can be done in the Tent. Needed: 1 Wood and 1 Matches)
  • Find 3 Sorrel mousse. (can be found while harvesting Sorrel. Harvest time: 2 hours.)
  • Find 5 Wheat buns. (can be found while harvesting Wheat. Harvest time: 24 hours.)

Well that's better! You're doing great!

Reward: 1200 Coins , 2 Flowers Flowers

6.Lunch is coming Lunch is comingEdit

Part 6: You've just had breakfast one would think... But a bit of working in the open air and you're hungry again! It's good the lunch is just about to start.

  • Sell 25 grown up Goats.
  • Find 3 of Goat cheese. (can be found while feeding a Goat. Feeding time: 40 min.)
  • Find 5 of Goat milk. (can be found while feeding a Goat. Feeding time: 40 min.)

Goood, the lunch is gonna be great!

Reward: 140 Food , 500 Experience

7.Naptime NaptimeEdit

Part 7: Phew, now a bit of sleeping would be just perfect! You've got only to find something soft first...

  • Find 3 plush Hens. (can be found while feeding a Hen or a Broiler. Feeding time: 20 min.)
  • Find 2 plush Cheetahs. (can be found while feeding a Cheetah. Feeding time: 3 hours.)
  • Find 1 plush Pig(s). (can be found while feeding a Pig. Feeding time: 6 hours.)

Just the right thing! Go to sleep now...

Reward: 2700 Coins , Totem Animals-Rwd Totem animals

8.By the end of the day By the end of the dayEdit

Part 8: Heigh-ho! The day is coming to its end. You've got to do something else before it's over!

  • Buy 30 Hippos. (costs: 4560 Coins)
  • Feed Hippos on your island 90 times (Feeding time: 22 hours)
  • Harvest Watermelons on your island 60 times. (Harvest time: 16 hours)

Everything is done! Great job!

Reward: 350 Experience , 5 Clay-Rwd Clay

9.Evening EveningEdit

Part 9: Here comes the evening, the day will soon be over! It's time to bring everything to an end and get prepared for a well-deserved rest!

  • Find 1 plush Giraffe(s) (can be found while feeding a Cheetah. Feeding time: 30 hours.)
  • Sell 30 grown up Hippos. (selling price: 5160 Coins
  • Help friends 80 times.

The day has come to its end...So many things to do! But that makes your life on the island even more interesting!

Reward: 12 Amulet-Rwd Amulets , Stone Calender-Rwd Stone Calender

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