Poor Pony-Start

Poor Pony Poor PonyEdit

Part 1: You can't do this alone. Time to call the tribe to help you save Pony!

  • Add one Survivor to the tribe (needed: 1 Match, 1 Smoky Leaf)
  • Gather a minimum of 13 tribemates
Reward: 70 Experience , Fire-Rwd2 Fire

Poor Pony-2 Poor PonyEdit

Part 2: Let's make a potion using the healing recipe of the Tikki shamans.

  • Sow 10 plots of Wheat (costs: 438 Coins per patch)
  • Harvest 10 plots of Wheat
  • Collect what you need and make Pony better.
(needed: 3 Pounders , 3 Watermelon seeds , 3 Palm oil , 10 Melon seeds , 5 Quilts , 3 Apricot kernels)
Reward: 90 Experience , Plush Unicorn-Rwd Plush unicorn

Poor Pony-3 Poor PonyEdit

part 3: Pony is feeling better and has regained her appetite. She needs something to eat.

Reward: 110 Coins , Friend of Animals badge-Rwd Friend of Animals badge

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