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Another fine day! It would be lovely to sit and admire the waves. Just hope the day goes without any surprises!

----------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days ---------------------------------------------------------------

Fishing day-Platinum Fishing DayEdit

part 1: Today is a wonderful day. Why not take advantage of the weather? A perfect day to go fishing.

Reward: 100 Experience , 4 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Platinum Fleece-Undugi

Unexpexcted Guests-Platinum Unexpected GuestsEdit

Part 2: Another goat? We should tell Undugi about this!.

  • Try to kick away the Aries-goat
  • Find a Tikki hunter near the Bungalow and talk to him
Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Good intentions-Platinum Good IntentionsEdit

Part 3: Unfortunately, Undugi didn't have any advice for you. Looks like you'll just have to do whatever's worked in the past.

  • Feed the Sheep on your island 70 times
  • Water trees 160 times on your Island
Reward: 8 Energy , 8 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Cabbage Diet-Platinum Cabbage DietEdit

Part 4: Maybe we need something tasty for the goat? And what could be more tasty than a fresh cabbage leaf?

  • Find 12 Cabbage leaves
  • Find 19 plant Tops from the Carrot Collection
  • Make 35 Hot-dogs
Reward: 250 Experience , Feather bait-Rwd "Feather" bait

Happy Goats-Platinum Happy GoatsEdit

Part 5: Progress! Try to show your guest some hospitality by providing her some entertainment! Everybody knows that a great game gets even better if you add a cute monkey

  • Feed Monkeys on your Island 65 times
  • Collect 6 Sombreros from the Vulture Collection
  • Find 19 servings of Apricot juice
Reward: 9 Energy , 6 Eggplant-Rwd Eggplants

Patience and Hard Work-Platinum Patience and Hard WorkEdit

Part 6: Diligence is a great virtue. Perhaps if the goat sees how hard you work around the island, she'll finally calm down.

  • Collect the maximum Jack's Bonus 7 times
  • Collect 25 Mosaic Fences (needed: 3 Mosaic and 3 Wooden blocks per Fence)
  • Find 16 portions of Eggplant salad
Reward: 350 Experience , Jack Cocktail-Rwd Jack Cocktail

A comfortable island-Platinum A comfortable islandEdit

Part 7: Why not invite the guest to stay on the island? Wait, where has she gone? Perhaps you should re-evaluate the comfort and safety here on your island?

Reward: 750 Experience , 6 Peach-Rwd Peach Trees

Happy Goats-VIII-Platinum Happy GoatsEdit

Part 8: The goat will love to stay on your island if she sees how carefree life here really is.

  • Feed Goats on your Island 95 times
  • Find 5 plush Sheep
  • Find 23 servings of Tiramisu from the Peach Collection on your island
Reward: 5 Amulet-Rwd , Ram-Rwd Ram