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Neverending storm on the Thunderstorm Island, uprise of the Ice Island. Are all these events caused by the same thing?

Evidences from the T-I Evidences from the Thunderstorm IslandEdit

Part 1: The uprise of the Ice Island can't be called a usual thing. It needs an investigation! Perhaps Professor Nickolay knows something?

  • Feed Sheep 60 times on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms) (Feeding time: 1 hour)
  • Kick away the Angry Dog 5 times
  • Get 50 of Net (Pure) Energy (play the Memory-game on the Island of Storms)

Poor Nickolay. What's happened on the Thunderstorm Island? Why has he lost his memory?

Reward: 100 Experience , 5 Energy

Evidences from the I-I Evidences from the Ice IslandEdit

Part 2: If only Nickolay could regain his memory! How can one help him to remember?

  • Find all the hiding-places in the Ice Island (Random scattered over the Island, just keep opening cages...)
  • Search out the Ice Island 1 time (Open every cage)
  • Find a Scale from the Petrified Remains Collection

Don't you find these scales weird? Perhaps they can spur Nickolay's memory?

Reward: 100 Experience , 5 Courage-Rwd

Expert's opinion Expert's opinionEdit

Part 3: Nickolay needs time to start remembering. Perhaps Emmy could shed the light on the Island uprise mystery?

  • Feed the prehistorical Serpent 2 times on your Island
  • Find all the hiding-places on the Ice Island 3 times (Random scattered over the Island, just keep opening cages...)
  • Kick away Lizards on the Fort Island 7 times

Great! You've managed to get almost perfect samples! Emmy needs a bit of time to study them.

Reward: 150 Wood , 6 Zebra-Rwd Zebras

Food for reflection Food for reflectionEdit

Part 4: What can help your brain to work better than chocolate? It seems to be the right thing to help Nickolay to regain his memory!

  • Find 12 Bananas with Chocolate on your Island (Harvest Time: 8 min.)
  • Find 12 Chocolate covered Peanuts (Harvest time: 48 hours)
  • Find 15 lumps of Sugar from the Zebra Collection

Brilliant! Not only does chocolate help to think better, but it is also very delicious!

Reward: 150 Food , 2 Fireworks-Rwd Fireworks

Associations AssociationsEdit

Part 5: Man's memory isn't examined completely yet. How can one help Nickolay? Perhaps some familiar things can spur his memory?

  • Find 5 Python's Skins (a Python can appear while harvesting Trees)
  • Exchange the Petrified remains Collection for a reward
  • Have 15 of Fireworks (Buy for totems or ask from friends)

Great! Nickolay has started remembering things!

Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Fire-Rwd2 Fires

Shadow of the past Shadow of the pastEdit


Part 6: How is that possible? This shadow again! Whatever it is, it hasn't come to tea!

  • Talk to Professor Nickolay (Nicholas is on the Island of Storms)
  • Have 10 of Fire
  • Kick away the Shadow on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms) (You will need 10 Torches; they can be crafted in the Lighthouse)

Great! Now no perils can harm you!

Reward: 1500 Coins , 6 Hippo-Rwd

Serpents vs. Shadows Serpents vs. ShadowsEdit

Part 7: Nickolay seems to have faced something like this before. He is sure to know something about them!

The list is rather weird, but Nickolay is sure that this will scare the shadow away from the island.

Reward: 250 Experience , Facets of Learning Cocktail-Rwd Facets of Learning Cocktail


We need to talk We need to talkEdit

Part 8: Nickolay wants to tell you something. It seems to be the right time to talk to him.

  • Talk to Professor Nickolay (Nicholas is on the Island of Storms)
Reward: 1000 Experience , Bronze Serpent Bronze serpent

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