New Medicine New MedicineEdit

Part 1: It seems that the medicine that you made for Steve is about to run out. You must plan for ingredients for the next dose

  • Grow and collect Flowers on the Tree Isle 60 times
  • Have 9 medicinal herbs (buy with totems or ask friends)
  • Clear Grass 20 times
Reward: 1500 Coins , 100 Experience

Mysterious thief Mysterious thiefEdit

Part 2: Oh no! All collected ingredients for the medicine are lost! You must find the thief!

Reward: 8 Energy, 6 Grapes-Rwd Grapes

Annoying bird Annoying birdEdit

Part 3: What an annoying bird! There is no getting away from it. Who would have thought that a small bird like that can be so annoying

  • Shoo Hummingbird away 7 times
  • Harvest Grapes 55 times
  • Find 15 Peach jam portions on your Island
Reward: 2500 Coins , 6 Flowers-White White Flowers

Lessons in ecology Lessons in ecologyEdit

Part 4: This little hummingbird was misunderstood! She wasn't trying to be annoying! It seems that, at your island, there are no more flowers with sweet nectar that she loved.

  • Buy 6 Lawns with colorful Flowers (cost 1 Totem each)
  • Collect 75 Petals from the Tree Isle
  • Find 15 ancient Coins from the Treasure Collection on your Island
Reward: 250 Experience , Snake cather' bait-Rwd Snake cather' bait

Nectar for the hummingbird Nectar for the hummingbirdEdit

Part 5: Maybe Steve can made a special cocktails from the nectar of several island flowers? This little hummingbird is bound to like it

  • Make 3 Cocktails at Steve's bar
  • Find 12 Pumpkin flowers
  • Find 8 Kiwi syrup on your Island
Reward: 250 Food, 3 Brushwood-Rwd Brushwood

Cosy nest Cosy nestEdit

Part 6: Why don't you make a cosy little home for the hummingbird, so that both of you could live happily on the island?

  • Obtain 18 Brushwood
  • Find 19 Grass-blades with dew (can be found harvesting the Tree of Life or Flowerbeds)
  • Find 5 Coconut shells on your Island
Reward: 1000 Experience , Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizer 4x4

Carefree life Carefree lifeEdit

Part 7: What does a bird need for a carefree life? A merry company, of course!

  • Collect the maximum Jack's bonus 9 times
  • Feed Broilers 68 times (Broilers can be created in the Tree House)
  • Find 9 Cactuses from the Vulture Collection
Reward: 5 Amulet-Rwd , Hummingbird-Rwd Hummingbird