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'Can you hear that cheep? Sounds like somebody needs help! Where does this little feather creature come from? And where are its parents? Without your help it is sure to be a goner! Help this little nestling! And you'll get a new true friend! Hurry up, there is not much time left!

-------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days----------------------------------------------------------------

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1.Rescue mission-picto Rescue MissionEdit

Part 1: Can you hear that cheep? Somebody needs your help!

  • Get a team to help the nestling. (Needed: a tribe of 8)

Great! There's no menace for the nestling now! But you've got to find its parents!

Reward: 75 Food , 50 Experience

A Duckling duckling appears near the fishing pier

2.Where is your Mom Where is your Mom?Edit

Part 2: Where are he parents of this cute little feather creature? You'd better hurry up to find them!

  • Feed Hens (Chickens) 45 times on your Island. (Feeding time: 20 min.)
  • Get the crops from the Fruit Trees 75 times in your Island.
  • Get the maximum Jack's bonus 7 (times). (Tip: use a Jack Cocktail (Steve's Bar) to collect the bonus quicker)

How strange! The parents of this nestling are not here. Where does it come from?

Reward: 175 Coins , 3 Fire-Rwd2

3.Cozy nest Cozy nestEdit

Part 3: You've got to take care of the nestling yourself! First of all make a cozy nest for it.

Great! The nest is wonderful! Look, nestling seems to have grown a bit!

Reward: 150 Experience , Facets of Learning Cocktail-Rwd Facets of Learning Cocktail

4.Have a bite Have a biteEdit

Part 4: The nestling is hungry! Looks like it's a duckling, but what does it eat?

  • Find 5 Worms from the Carrot Collection. (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 9 Carved (Sectile) Leaves from the Flowers Collection. (Can be found while harvesting Flowers; Seeds can be found in your Inventory/Farm)
  • Find 5 Watermelon Seeds on your Island. (Harvesting time: 16 hours)

Great! Seems like it likes everything you've managed to find!

Reward: 75 Wood , 2 Milk Formula-Rwd Milk Formula

5.Hungry nestling Hungry nestlingEdit

Part 5: Can the little nestling still be hungry? How much can it eat?

  • Have 9 of Milk Formula. (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
  • Find 8 Dried Melons on your Island. (Harvest time: 3 min.)
  • Feed Cows 10 times on your friends' Islands. (Feeding time: 7 hours)

Great! With your care the duckling grows by leaps and bounds!

Reward: 150 Food , Piggy' Spray-Rwd Piggy' Spray

6.Stores StoresEdit

Part 6: Looks like you'll have to make a slender store of food for the duckling, until it learns to get food by itself.

  • Find 5 Caterpillars from the Grass Collection.
  • Get the crops of Grapes 75 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 1 hour)
  • Get the crops of Corn 25 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 12 hours)

Great! It seems to be quite enough for some time.

Reward: 8 Energy , Piastre-Rwd Piastre

7.Ravenous Duckling Ravenous DucklingEdit

Part 7: Hey! Where are all the stores you've made? Has the duckling eaten tem up?.

  • Find 9 Sorrel leaves. (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 12 Sweet Berries on your Island. (Can be found while harvesting Strawberries. Harvesting time: 20 min.)
  • Find 12 of Marmelade (Fruit Jelly) from the Kiwi Collection. (Harvest time: 90 min.)

Great! Just look, what a beautiful duck your duckling has become!

Reward: 1500 Coins , 750 Experience