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Every year the Ticky make great competitions in honour of the First Chief's victory over a lion. Undughi wants to win, he needs your help.

----------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 9 days----------------------------------------------------------

1. Sport Diet Sport dietEdit

Part 1: Healthy eating is very important in a sportsman's training.

  • Get the crops of Carrots 45 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 9 slices of kiwi (Can be found while harvesting a Kiwi Tree. Harvest time: 90 min.)
  • Find 12 portions of Mutton (Lamb) ribs on your Island. (Feeding time: 1 hour)

Great! With such a diet Undighi has to win!

Reward: 750 Coins , 150 Food

2. Virtue and honour Virtue and honourEdit

Part 2: Before taking part in a competition a sportsman has to prove his virtue and to bring the Chief some trophies.

  • Kick away the Crocodile 12 times.
  • Find 6 Lizard skins on the Fort Island. (Can be found while driving Lizards away)
  • Find 7 pieces of Raw Meat from the [1].

Excellent! Such trophies will impress anyone!

Reward: 250 Experience , 50 Wood

3. Cognition spirit Cognition spiritEdit

Part 3: An athlete has to be not only strong and brave but also inquisitive!

Great! With your help Undighi will prove that he deserves to take part in the competition!

Reward: 5 Energy , 3 Fire-Rwd Fires

4. Strength reserve Strenght reserveEdit

Part 4: Undughi will need all his strength! You've got to prepare a lot of food.

  • Collect 56 Flowers seeds on the Tree Island. (Can be found while harvesting The Magic Tree)
  • Make 17 Hot-dogs. (can be made in the (improved) Hut. Needed: 12 Food , 2 Fires)
  • Find 12 portions of Gaspacho Soup. (Can be found while harvest Tomatoes)

Great! Now Undughi's strenght won't give out at the most inappropriate moment!

Reward: 150 Wood , Kitty Bait-Rwd Kitty bait

5. Right equipment Right equipmentEdit

Part 5:Good apparatus are not less important for a performance than a sportsman's training!

  • Feed Hippo(potamuses) 56 times. (Feeding time: 22 hours)
  • Find 9 Broken Spears (Pikes) from the Tiger Collection.
  • Find 10 Coconut shells. (Can be found while harvesting a Coconut Tree. Harvest time: 36 hours)

Great! Good equipment is half the battle!

Reward: 250 Experience , 6 Grapes-Rwd Grapes

6. Drinks for sportsmen Drinks for sportsmenEdit

Part 6: What can cheer up better than wonderful Steve's cocktails? Anyway they won't do any harm!

  • Make 7 Cocktails at Steve's bar.
  • Find 15 Compots (Stewed Grapes) from the Grapes Collection.
  • Get the maximum Jack's bonus 7 (times).

Great! Refreshing Steve's cocktails are just what a man needs after tiresome competitions!

Reward: 100 Energy , Uncle Sam' Spray-Rwd Uncle Sam' spray

7. Good luck talisman Good luck talismanEdit

Part 7: A bit of luck won't harm! Undughi believes that talismans will help!

Great! Who knows, perhaps these talismans really work?!

Reward: 250 Wood , Pink box-Rwd Pink box

8. Great ceremony Great ceremonyEdit

Part 8: Undughi has shown himself well! You've got to prepare him for the great ceremony!

  • Feed Goats 60 times on your Island. (Feeding time: 40 min.)
  • Remove 17 Grass on your Island.
  • Find 12 Zebra skins. (Can be found while feeding Zebras. Feeding time: 20 hours)

Magnificent! Undughi has really deserved his reward! But it seems that he's fought not for a reward.

Reward: 750 Experience , Goat-Leo-Rwd Leo-Goat