Invasion of really wild animals-Header

Wild animals have gone mad! you need to protect the island as soon as possible and try sooth them somehow.

--------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days------------------------------------------------------------

Siege of the island-II Siege of the IslandEdit

Part 1: If you don't take any measures, crazy animals will crush everything crossing their path. Try to drive them away from the island.

  • Drive wild animals away 10 times
  • Collect 140 veg patches on your island
  • Help friends 80 times
Reward: 15 Energy , 12 Pineapple-Rwd Pineapples

Sweet bananas-II Sweet BananasEdit

Part 2: Wild Hogs are said to love Banana peels. Maybe this one will calm down if you feed it with your favourite treat?

Reward: 150 Food , 5 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Snake skin-II Snake skinEdit

Part 3: Looks like the Pythons are having troubles with getting rid of the old skin. You'll have to help them or they won't leave you alone.

Reward: 22 Energy , 10 Lemon-Rwd Lemon Trees

Vultures and Cheetahs-II Vultures and CheetahsEdit

Part 4: Vultures have never been friends with Cheetahs; probably you should buy several Cheetahs to scare away the vulture.

  • Drive Vulture away 10 times
  • Buy 60 Cheetahs (costs: 2220 Coins per Cheetah)
  • Find 20 Peach liquors
Reward: 1500 Experience , 3 Proper Meal-Rwd Proper meals

Dentist for Crocodiles-II Dentist for CrocodilesEdit

Part 5: Something is glittering in the Crocodile's teeth. Is it possible that all these reptiles have come for your help?

Reward: 2500 Coins , 1 Inflatable Shark-Rwd inflatable Shark

Cradling Tiger-II Cradling TigerEdit

Part 6: The Tiger is trying to steal you Goats! That has to be stopped! You need to drive the Tiger away from the island!

  • Drive the Tiger away 12 times
  • Feed the Goats 120 times
  • Sell 45 grown-up Goats
Reward: 30 Amulet-Rwd , 1 For defending the Island-Rwd For defending the island