Invasion of really wild animals-Header

Wild animals have gone mad! you need to protect the island as soon as possible and try sooth them somehow.

--------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days------------------------------------------------------------

Siege of the island Siege of the IslandEdit

Part 1: If you don't take any measures, crazy animals will crush everything crossing their path. Try to drive them away from the island.

  • Drive wild animals away 6 times
  • Collect 60 veg patches on your island
  • Help friends 75 times
Reward: 5 Experience , 4 Pineapple-Rwd Pineapples

Sweet bananas Sweet BananasEdit

Part 2: Wild Hogs are said to love Banana peels. Maybe this one will calm down if you feed it with your favourite treat?

Reward: 100 Food , 2 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Snake skin Snake skinEdit

Part 3: Looks like the Pythons are having troubles with getting rid of the old skin. You'll have to help them or they won't leave you alone.

Reward: 8 Energy , 4 Lemon-Rwd Lemon Trees

Vultures and Cheetahs Vultures and CheetahsEdit

Part 4: Vultures have never been friends with Cheetahs; probably you should buy several Cheetahs to scare away the vulture.

  • Drive Vulture away 5 times
  • Buy 20 Cheetahs (costs: 2220 Coins per Cheetah)
  • Find 17 Peach liquors
Reward: 750 Experience , 1 Proper Meal-Rwd Proper meal

Dentist for Crocodiles Dentist for CrocodilesEdit

Part 5: Something is glittering in the Crocodile's teeth. Is it possible that all these reptiles have come for your help? (instructions don't say, but all these actions must be completed on one of your own islands)

Reward: 500 Coins , 1 Inflatable Shark-Rwd inflatable Shark

Cradling Tiger Cradling TigerEdit

Part 6: The Tiger is trying to steal you Goats! That has to be stopped! You need to drive the Tiger away from the island!

  • Drive the Tiger away 8 times (on own islands)
  • Feed the Goats 60 times
  • Sell 30 grown-up Goats
Reward: 10 Amulet-Rwd , 1 Shark Tower-Rwd Shark Tower