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-------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days----------------------------------------------------------------

Undugi in Love Undugi in LoveEdit

Part 1: Undugi has helped you many times in the past. Since he wants to give someone a gift, you can't refuse to help him.

Every little bit helps Every Little Bit HelpsEdit

Part 2: The gift must be splendid! Your friends will help you, of course! Every little bit helps to make a beautiful piece of jewelry for the beautiful girl!

  • Find 18 Ancient Coins from the Treasure Collection
  • Obtain 15 Wax (You can only get wax from friends or buy it for Totems)

    Reward: 4 Blue flowers-Rwd blue Flowers , 1500 Coins

Flowers for the beauty Flowers for the beautyEdit

Part 3: How could we forget about flowers? Especially since the flowers found on the Tree Isle are the most beautiful of all!

  • Grow and pick 59 Blue Flowers on Tree Isle
  • Find 20 Clay Figurines
  • Find 3 Yarn from the Sheep Collection

    Reward: 8 Energy , 4 Monkey-Rwd Monkeys

A few Petals A few PetalsEdit

Part 4: It's not just the gift that's important, but how you present it! It's time to think about wrapping it!

  • Find 15 Carved Leaves from the Flowers Collection
  • Find 42 White Petals on Tree Isle
  • Find 17 Monkey Masks

    Reward: 250 Experience , 150 Food

Abductors AbductorsEdit

Part 5: While you were busy collecting wrappings for your gift, cheeky Ini and Yari stole it from under your nose! The Chief's favorites find a way everywhere!

  • Catch Twin Goats 7 times
  • Find 3 plush Goats
  • Find 5 Squirt Guns from the Crocodile Collection

    Reward: 350 Experience , 2000 Coins

Return what is lost Return what is lostEdit

Part 6: It seems that the Twin Goats were particularly attracted by the petals of the flowers, found on the Tree Isle. You'll have to begin again.

  • Collect 45 green Petals
  • Find 8 Python skins
  • Have 18 Glue

    Reward: 1000 Experience , Lucky Cocktail Lucky Cocktail

The important thing is to remain calm The important thing is to remain calmEdit

Part 7: You need to somehow distract the goats to prevent them from ruining your gift. What could be better te distract them than sweets?

  • Find 15 servings of Tiramisu from the Peach Collection
  • Find 15 of flour from the Wheat Collection
  • Find 8 carved Watermelons on your island

    Reward: Wooden Swing-Rwd Swing for two , Goats-Twin-Rwd Goats Twin

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