------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days---------------------------------------------------

Square breakfast Edit

Part 1: You've got to prepare a place for a new pet. You'll need much energy for this.

  • Get the crops of apricots 30 times
  • Get the crops of wheat 30 times
  • Find 10 portions of gaspacho soup

Well done!

Reward: 5 Energy, Blue Butterfly

Friends for the giraffe Edit

Part 2: You can gather more animals on the island, so that the circus giraffe didn't feel lonely.

  • Feed the giraffe 20 times on your island
  • Feed the camel 20 times on your island
  • Get the crops of kiwis 10 times

Reward: 5 Energy, 3 Books

Learned monkeys Edit

Part 3: The giraffe won't get bored with learned monkeys and camels.

  • Grow 10 learned monkeys
  • Find 10 desert prickles
  • Sell 10 grown-up ostriches

Great! The more pets, the better.

Reward: 5 Energy, 1500 Coin

Hippos Edit

Part 4: Something is missing... What about Hippos?

  • Feed a hippo 20 times
  • Find 15 portions of sorrel juice
  • Cut down 20 trees on your island (Remark: grass and plants count too)

Now the table is complete!

Reward: 5 Raw Rubber-Rwd, 150 Experience

Treats for the giraffe Edit

Part 5: The circus giraffe loves sweets. You've got to make a store of sweet carrots and lemon ice cream.

  • Get the cropss of lemons 45 times
  • Search out the Ice Island 3 times
  • Find 20 sweet carrots

Treats are ready!

Reward: 5 Sack of grass, 150 Experience

Preparations for the meeting! Edit

Final part: Some more fishing strokes to go and you can host the guest.

  • Make 20 giraffe balloons
  • Grow grass 25 times
  • Feed 35 giraffes on your friends' islands