Fire in the Heart-Header

-------------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days-------------------------------------------------------------------

Power of the Volcano Power of the VolcanoEdit

  • Feed the Chicken (Hens) 20 times on your island (Feeding time: 20 min.)
  • Sell 7 grown-up Cheetahs (Feeding Time: 3 hours; takes 6 hours to mature)
  • Harvest 30 of your Wine (Grape) patches (Harvest Time: 1 hour)
Reward: 5 Energy , Ostrich-Rwd Ostrich

Knowing no Fatigue Knowing no FatigueEdit

Part 2: Tikki know no fatigue, so they don't need holidays. There's little work on the island left but you'd rather hurry up, the stars can change their mind.

  • Harvest 10 of your Watermelon patches (Harvest Time: 16 hours)
  • Feed the Ostrich on your Island 5 times (Feeding time: 8 hours)
  • Harvest 20 of your Kiwi Trees  (Harvest Time: 90 min.)
Reward: 250 Coins , 2 Lemon-Rwd Lemon Trees

Offerings to the Spirits Offerings to the SpiritsEdit

Part 3: The elder say if you make an offering to the Spirit of Sibbo Volcano, he will help you in your task. Help may come in handy.

  • Collect 25 Bananas on your Island (Harvest Time: 8 min.)
  • Harvest 12 of your Apricot Trees (Harvest Time: 3 hours)
  • Harvest 20 Lemon Trees (Harvest Time: 16 hours)
Reward: 50 Wood , 2 Hen-Rwd Hens

Time to Relax Time to RelaxEdit

Part 4: Tikki are great at work but even better at partying! Unfortunately, there's no nice cafe on the island, so we're going to prepare everything for the party ourselfs.

  • Sell 4 Grown-Up Pigs (Feeding Time: 6 hours; takes 12 hours to mature)
  • Harvest 24 Tomatoes (Harvest Time: 4 hours)
  • Harvest 6 Corns on your Island (Harvest Time: 12 hours)
Reward: 150 Experience , Continental Breakfast Continental Breakfast

Important Details Important DetailsEdit

Part 5: In housekeeping, a true Tikki warrior has to know how to quiet down the fire in his heart, which is especially important when taking care of animals.

  • Sell 6 Grown-Up Goats (Feeding Time: 40 min.; takes 80 min. to mature)
  • Collect 1 Hut Reward (available after 1 hour, 12 minutes)
  • Harvest 25 Potatoes (Harvest Time: 10 minutes)
Reward: 500 Coins , 4 Melon-Rwd Melons

Ritual FireRitual FireEdit

Part 6: It's time for the most important part of the trial. You have to start a big fire. Tikki believe that the stronger the fire in you heart, the higher the real flame will be

  • Collect 15 Decorated Logs (Can either be bought with Totems or asked from friends)
  • Make 10 Fires (Made in the Tent. Needed: Matches and 10 Wood)
  • Harvest 24 Melons on your Island (Harvest Time: 3 minutes)
Reward: 15 Amulet-Rwd , Ritual Fire-Rwd Ritual Fire