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This week you've got a chance to get a Festive Lama.

------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 7 days---------------------------------------------------

Festive Lama Picto-1 Fruit and BerriesEdit

Part 1: Life on the island is great, because you can always get fresh fruit.

  • Get the crops of 10 Watermelon beds on your Island.
    (Can be bought in the Store/Shop. Costs: 318 Coin, Harvesting time: 16 hours)
  • Plant 5 Apricot Trees. (Can be bought in the Store/Shop. Costs: 1170 Coin, Harvesting time: 3 hours)
  • Exchange the Grapes Collection items 3 times. (Can be done in the improved Merry-go-round)

Great! Crop of fresh fruit is just what one needs.

Reward: 500 Coins , 50 Experience

Festive Lama Picto-1 TreatEdit

Part 2: Lamas love fruit too. And most of all they love apricots.

  • Find (20) Dried Apricot Halves 20 on your Island.
    (Can be found while harvesting an Apricot Tree. Harvesting time: 3 hours)
  • Feed the Lama 15 times. (Feeding time: 24 hours)
  • Find 10 Ponchos from the Lama Collection. (Can found while feeding the Lama. (Feeding time 24 hours)


Reward: 50 Experience , Bamboo Table Bamboo Table

Festive Lama Picto-1 Bright thingsEdit

Part 3: As it turned out, Lamas love holiday clothes. Perhaps, you should find some coloured feathers?

  • Find 15 Red Snappers Snapper on the Island.(Can be found while fishing)
  • Have 5 Feathers from the Jack the Parrot Collection.
    (Can be found while feeding Jack the Parrot. Feeding time: 1 hour 24 min.)
  • Place 5 Round Flower Beds ('Tulips' round flowerbeds) on the Island.
    (Can be bought in the Store/Shop (Decor). Costs: 2500 Coin)

Who could have thought that Lamas love bright things so much!

Reward: 100 Experience , Cocktail for the Chef Cocktail for the Chef

Festive Lama Picto-1 Festive harvestEdit

Part 4: Bright feathers are not the only thing that lamas love. Sweets and fruit will also come in handy!'

You're doing great!

Reward: 100 Experience , Giraffe Giraffe-Rwd2

Festive Lama Picto-1 FeastEdit

Part 5: The preparations for the feast are well under way!'

  • Find 10 baskets of Anemone Flowers.
    (Can be found while harvesting Anemones. Costs: 102 Coin. Harvest time: 1 hour 45 min.)
  • Find a Plush Lama. (Can be found while feeding a Lama. Feeding time: 24 hours)
  • Make 7 any balloons.
    (Can be made in the (improved) Festive Table. Needed: 1 Raw Rubber, 2-7 Energy) (depends per balloon).

Great! Now everything is ready.

Reward: 150 Experience , 5 Amulet

Festive Lama Picto-1 ShowEdit

Part 6: There's no feast without fireworks! Let's wait till it's dark and then start them into the sky.'

Everyone loves fireworks!

Reward: Festive Lama Festive Lama