Dolphin-Bush Picto-1 GuestsEdit

Part 1: Look! There's a group of dolphins in-shore!

  • Get the crops of Coconut (trees) 10 times. (Harvest time: 36 hours)
  • Cut 7 (of) Reed (Cane)
  • Make a Spyglass (Telescopes). (Can be made in The Lighthouse. Needed: 3 Lenses, 1 Pipe)

Wow! These are dolhins for real!

Reward: Facet of Learning Facet of Learning Cocktail

Dolphin-Bush Picto-1 Hot DayEdit

Part 2: Hot weather has settled on the island. And in such weather, there's nothing better than to spend a day on the beach, watching the dolphins gambolling in the ocean.

  • Get the crops of Watermelons 15 times. (Harvest time: 16 hours)
  • Have 10 portions of Coconut Milk.
    (Can be found while harvesting Coconut Trees. Harvest time: 36 hours)
  • Buy 5 Umbrellas. (Can be bought in the Shop/Store (Decor). Costs: 2500 Coin per Umbrella)

Great! The heat cannot harm you.

Reward: 500 Coins, 5 Amulet-Rwd

Dolphin-Bush Picto-1 Hot DayEdit

Part 3: Dolphins eat fish. Who knows, maybe if you offer them fish, they would come closer to the shore?

Great catch!

Reward: Ring-Buoys Ring-Buoys, 100 Experience

Dolphin-Bush Picto-1 TreatEdit

Part 4: Dolphins love sweets. Offer them some fruit from your island.

  • Make 5 Candy Apples. (Can be made in the Festive Table. (Needed: 2 Caramel, 1 Green Apple))
  • Find a Candied Papaya 10 times. (Can be found while harvesting a Papaya Tree. Harvest time: 8 hours)
  • Find 15 Kiwi Fruit Jelly. (Can be found while harvesting a Kiwi Tree. Harvest time: 1,5 hours)

Great! The dolphins love your treats.

Reward: Papaya-Rwd Papaya Tree, 1000 Coins

Dolphin-Bush Picto-1 More WaterEdit

Part 5: Dolphins live in water. Sometimes it's difficult to reach them! A canoe can help.

  • Find 15 Canoes. (Can be found while driving the Crocodile away)
  • Place a Lakelet (Small lake) on the Island. (Can be bought in the Shop/Store (Decor). Costs: 10000 Coin)
  • Exchange the Fish Collection for a reward 5 times.

Great! You've managed all the tasks!

Reward: Lunch Box Lunch Box, 100 Experience

Dolphin-Bush Picto-1 Let's playEdit

Part 6: Dolphins are very playfull, and they love shiny things.

Hurray! The unusual Dolpin-shaped bush is yours now!

Reward: Dolphin-Bush Dolphin-shaped bush