Day of the Better Hunter-Header

A Tikki hunter values bravery and courage. Prove that deserve to become a tribe hunter by protecting the island from trouble and dangers.

---------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days--------------------------------------------------------------

Uninvited guests-Super Uninvited guestsEdit

Part 1: Where did all these wild animals come from? The Tikki hunters duty is to chase them all away before they've had time to make trouble

  • Drive wild Animals away 20 times
  • Find 6 Acorns from the Wild Hog Collection
  • Help friends 20 times
Reward: 2500 Coins , 6 Pumpkin-Rwd Pumpkins

Preparations for a holiday-Super Preparations for a holidayEdit

Part 2: The Tikki are celebrating the Day of the Better Hunter, when they praise their protectors and bread-winners - their fathers, grandfathers and sons.

Reward: 100 Food , 8 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Playing with fire-Super Playing with fireEdit

Part 3: The Tikki tribe decorates its island with bright fires and torches, symbolizing the fire which is raging in the Sibbo Volcano. Every feast must have dances around the fire!

  • Create Fire 15 times
  • Collect reward from the Cauldron 2 times
  • Accept help from friends 25 times
Reward: 75 Wood , 2 Balloon Submarine-Rwd Balloon-Submarine

Danger from the depths-Super Danger from the depthsEdit

Part 4: What was washed up on our shores by the sea? Thats a real sea mine! It could explode at any moment

Reward: 5000 Coins , 2 Balloon-dirigible-Rwd Balloon-Dirigible

Lord of the Storm-Super Lord of the StormEdit

Part 5: This is the moment of truth - it's time to neutralise the mine and save the Island from certain danger

  • Neutralize the mine (needed: 6 books, 3 flasks, 5 wire cutters, 4 green, 5 blue and 7 red wires)
  • Find 19 Baskets
  • Find 25 Sheep shearing scissors
Reward: 8 Energy , 2 Dynamite 4x4-Rwd Dynamite 4x4

Explosive fun-Super Explosive funEdit

  • Use dynamite 1 time
  • Find 25 Potato chips
  • Find 23 Wine
Reward: 750 Experience , For the Bravest-Rwd For the bravest