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A good day starts with a good square breakfats! After it work goes faster.

--------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days-----------------------------------------------------

1.Vitaminous cocktail-Timed Vitaminous cocktailEdit

  • Find 18 sweet Berries from the Strawberries Collection on your Island.
  • Get the crops of Bananas 75 times.
  • Get the crops of Grapes 62 times.
Reward: 1500 Coins , 3 Corn-Rwd Corn

2.Value of Vegetables-Timed Value of VegetablesEdit

  • Find 10 boiled Corn ears.
  • Find 12 sweet Carrots on your Island.
  • Find 6 jars of Pickled Tomatoes from the Tomatoes Collection
Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Cow-Rwd Cows

3.Newly drawn milk-Timed Newly drawn milkEdit

  • Find 12 Glasses of Milk from the Cow Collection
  • Find 16 Goat Milk on your island
  • Find 18 Melon Ices
Reward: 150 Food , 4 Fire-Rwd2 Fires

4.A little bit of pastry-Timed A little bit of pastryEdit

  • Get the crops of Wheat 75 times on your Island.
  • Make 5 Shakes (Cocktails). (Can be made in Steve's Bar)
  • Find 12 pots of Peach Jam.
Reward: 500 Experience , 6 Cow-Rwd Cows

5.Main Course-Timed Main courseEdit

Reward: 3500 Coins , Lucky Cocktail Lucky cocktail

6.Dessert!-Timed Dessert!Edit

  • Find 9 portions of Milk Shake from the Banana Collection on your Island.
  • Find 16 Pots of Strawberry Jam.
  • Find 12 potions of Puffed Rice.
Reward: 1000 Experience , To the best Chef To the best Chef


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