Big Wet Day-Header

Every year, before the monsoon begins, Tikki hold a Big Water Fest in honor of their ancestors' memory and preparation for rainy days.

----------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days-------------------------------------------------------------

Oars in the water-Season Oars in the waterEdit

part 1: When there is nothing except ocean around, its important to find the nearest land as quickly as possible. These skills are very important, and the Tikki warriors have a competition to do this during their annual Big Wet Fest.

Reward: 500 Experience , 8 Carrot-Rwd Carrots

Robinson and the sea-Season Robinson and the seaEdit

Part 2: During the rainy season, fishing is the only way to survive and find enough food. Every tikki must be a master fisherman.

  • Fish on your island 75 times
  • Fish 50 times on your friends' island
  • Find 7 worms from the Carrot Collection
Reward: 3500 Coins ,  Crocodile's tear'bait-Rwd Crocodile's tear' bait

Dont swim beyond the buoys-Season Dont swim beyond the buoysEdit

Part 3: Real danger can await the brave Tikki warrior in the island waters. You must know how to defend yourself.

  • Drive Crocodile away 15 times
  • Chase the Python away 21 times
  • Find 9 plush Sheep on your island
Reward: 8 Energy , 8 Pumpkin-Rwd Pumpkins

Ideal Pearl-Season Ideal PearlEdit

Part 4: Every year, the Tikki compete to see who can find the most pearls. Then, the girls use them to make beautifull bead necklaces. According to a legend, these beads may save your life.

  • Find 35 pretty Seashells on your island
  • Create 35 black Pearls
  • Make black Pearl Beads
Reward: 750 Experience , 2 Lucky Cocktail Lucky Cocktails

Beautiful Flowers-Season Beautiful FlowersEdit

Part 5: Tikki believe that, if they throw the prettiest flowers in the sea, then the bad weather won't last long and the rains will bring a rich harvest. Its an excellent tradition, why don't you participate in it?

  • Collect Flowers on the Tree Isle 75 times
  • Harvest Grapes 86 times on your island
  • Find 21 ideal Slices from the Melon Collection
Reward: Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizer 4x4 , Fish Fish