Banana Paradise-I-Header

It's time to get the crops of bananas! So many things to do! But nothing can stop you! Or is there anything that can?..

------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days-------------------------------------------------------

1.Banana Season-II Banana SeasonEdit

Part 1: It's time of banana harvest! There are so many of them! You even don't know what to do with them! Have you ever tried banana bread?

  • Get the crops of Banana 175 times on your Island. (Harvest time: 8 min.)
  • Get the crops of Melons 85 times. (Harvest time: 3 min.)
  • Find 9 Baskets from the Reed (Cane) Collection.

Great! Any agronomist will begrudge you such crop!

Reward: 250 Experience , Python-Spray-Rwd Little Python' spray

2.Invasion of Snakes-II Invasion of snakesEdit

Part 2: This is a real invasion of snakes! Where are they from?! You can find a snake almost under every leaf!

  • Kick away the Python 19 times. (They will only appear while harvesting Trees)
  • Fish 95 times on your Island.
  • Find 24 portions of Gaspacho soup (Gazpacho) on your Island from the Tomato Collection.
    (Harvest time: 4 hours)

You've got to do something! There are to many snakes!

Reward: 250 Wood , 6 Cabbage-Rwd Cabbages

3.Need help!-II Need help!Edit

Part 3: Undughi says that Kharrughi has always protected the Ticky islans from snakes. Perhaps she can help you? But how can you tell her that you need help?

  • Find 15 Cabbage Leaves. (Harvest time: 10 hours)
  • Find 9 Fluffs from the Swamp Collection. (Can be found while removing vegetation on Fort Island.)
  • Find 19 Grass-Blades with dew from the Flowers Collection.

Great! According to the ancient legends of the Ticky, these items must attract Kharrughi.

Reward: 5 Energy , Snake cather' bait-Rwd Snake cat(c)her' bait

4.Bait for snakes-II Bait for snakesEdit

Part 4: Let's hope that Kharrughi will come to help. But you can't sit idle! You've got to lure all these snakes somehow.

  • Find 8 Python's skins. (can be found while driving away a Python)
  • Find 25 Roast (Fried) Chicken Legs from the Chicken (Hen) Collection.
    (Feeding time: 20 min.)
  • Find 27 Mutton (Lamb) Ribs. (Feeding time: 1 hour)

You're doing great! But you can't do without help.

Reward: 1500 Coins , 3 Matches Matches

5.Well-timed help-II Well-timed helpEdit

Part 5: Kharrughi has turned out to be a goat too! Well, this is quite predictable. Amazing! But there are less snakes now!

  • Find 12 White Mice from the Python Collection. (can be found while driving away a Python)
  • Get 34 of Fire. (Can be made in the Tent. Needed: 10 Wood and 1 Matches Matches)
  • Find 12 of (Swamp) Moss from the Swamp Collection.

Great! It's much easier to chase away the snakes with the help of fire, and Kharrughi's help is just in time.

Reward: 500 Wood , 6 Hippo-Rwd Hippo's

6.Let's say -Thank you-II Let's say "Thank you"Edit

Part 6: You've got to thank Kharrughi for her help! What do goats like the best?

  • Find 4 Twisted Carrots. (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Pick 85 Blue Petals. (Are found while harvesting Blue Flowers. Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 22 Sacks with Grass from the Hippopotamus (Hippo) Collection. (Feeding time: 22 hours)

Wonderful! It seems that Kharrughi wil stay on your island until her help is needed somewhere else!

Reward: 1500 Experience , Cancer Cancer