Time to rest Time to restEdit

Reward: Proper Meal-Rwd Proper Meal, Giraffe-Rwd2 Giraffe

Let's Shake a Cocktail Let's shake a cocktailEdit

  • Buy 5 Apricot Trees (costs: 1170 Coins per tree)
  • Harvest Apricots 20 times
Reward: 215 Experience, Mango-Rwd Mango

Carry on with it Carry pn (on?) with itEdit

  • Plant 12 Pineapple patches (costs: 720 Coins per patch)
  • Harvest 12 Pineapple patches
Reward: 7 Energy , Waterfall-Rwd Waterfall

Your tropical shake is ready! Your tropical shake is ready!Edit

Reward: 250 Experience , Coconut-Rwd Coconut

Let's make necklaces Let's make NecklacesEdit

Reward: 5000 Coins , Hammock-Rwd Hammock