Arbour after F&O-I


Catergory: Builds

The numbersEdit

Arbour after F&O-I
Buying PriceSelling PriceUpdatesReward TimeReward(s)
2400 Coins
24 Wood
800 Coins
8 Wood
17 hours
12 minutes
6 Energy


The Arbour is build during one of the Arbour Mini Quests.
In order to build the Arbour, a Tribe size of at least 12 is required.

Arbour Building fases


After the initial build, you can´t craft anything in the Arbour.
In order to be able to do so, the Arbour needs to be improved (see Furnish and Ornaments).

Furnish and OrnamentEdit

Arbour after F&O-I

After Improvement

In order to improve the Arbour you need:

15 Bamboo
15 Flowers
15 Liana
15 Fabric
15 Leaves
15 Plummets


Needed: 2 Syrup and a Rum.

Syrup can be created in the Festive Tent, with 3 Sugarcane Juice and a Pot.
Rum can be created in the Lab, with 2 Sugarcane Juice and a Bottle.

Needed: 4 Crystals and 4 Corals.

Both to be obtained by either asking for them from your friends or buying them with Totem Totems.

Related QuestsEdit

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The Arbour has no Collection.

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