Let's build a Merry-go-round! Let's build a Merry-go-round!Edit

Part 1: There will be a lot of guests! Give them an unforgettable party! And don't forget about eats and drinks!

  • Start building the Merry-go-round (costs: 9000 Coins and 180 Wood)
  • Plant 25 Hard Candy garden-beds (costs: 72 Coins per patch; harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 7 Melon Ices ( Melon-Flavored Ice Cream)

Great! At this party no one will be left without sweets!

Reward: 150 Experience , 250 Coins

Crops of hard candy! Crops of hard candy!Edit

Part 2: What's this? Hard candy? How have you managed to grow thes garden-beds? And this merry-go-round! The Ticky will remember your party!

  • Finish building the Merry-go-round
    (needed: 8 Sugar glaze , 3 Glasses , 6 Colourfull Ribbons , 8 Sweet Water , 3 Wipes and 6 Silk)
  • Get the crops from the Hard Candy garden-beds 25 times on your Island (costs: 72 Coins per patch; harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Send 30 free presents to your friends

Unbelievable! Who could have thought that there could grow hard candy garden-beds on the island!

Reward: 50 Wood , Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizer 4x4

Festive sweets Festive sweetsEdit

Part 3: Ginger dough, whipped cream and a little bit of strawberry jam. It would be very delicious!

  • Make 6 Whipped Cream
    (Can be done at the Festive Table; needed: 1 Milk and 5 Vanilla Beans per badge)
  • Make 6 Dough (Can be done at the Festive Table; needed: 1 Fire and 3 Flour per badge)
  • Find 9 of Strawberry Jam on your Island

Great! You could have become a magnificent confectioner!

Reward: 150 Food , 3 Candles-II-Rwd Candles

Sweet decorations Sweet decorationsEdit

Part 4: Do you want to decorate the Merry-go-round with whipped cream sugar glaze?! The Ticky Hunters are sure to love this!

  • Improve the Merry-go-round
    (needed: 9 Wipped Cream, 7 Glasses, 5 Plates, 8 Flowers, 7 Candles and 8 Colorful Ribbons)
  • Find 12 Bath(tub) Ducks on your Island (can be found while fishing)
  • Get the maximum Jack's bonus 9 (times)

Perfect! The Ticky Hunters have never seen this!

Reward: 5 Energy , Pink box-RwdPink Box

One more piece One more pieceEdit

Part 5: This is a real feast of sweets! This can be possible only on the island!

  • Find 12 of Sugar from the Zebra Collection
  • Pick 75 Flowers on the Tree Island
  • Find 7 pieces of Kiwi cake on your Island (can be found while harvesting a Kiwi Tree)

Magnificent! Everything is ready for the guests! You only have to wait for them!

Reward: 500 Experience , 25 Coffee with a Doughnut-Rwd Coffee with a Doughnut