Abduction of the Century-Header

Things are getting worse and worse! Hunter Undugi looks worried. What on earth could happen?

-------------------------------------------------------------Time Limit: 5 days-----------------------------------------------------

Worried Undugi-II Worried UndughiEdit


Part 1: Undugi seems to be worried about something. You've got to find out what's happenend. Perhaps you can be of some use.

  • Talk to Undughi

Undughi is so shocked that he can't properly explain what has happened. The only thing you can do is to set out on a search for the lost treasure.

Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

The Chief's treasure-II The Chief's treasureEdit

Part 2: To start with, it would have been great to figure out what treasure is lost exactly, but Undugi is too stunned to tell anything.

You seem to have searched every leaf on the island. Perhaps the treasure is hiding somewhere else?

Reward: 5 Energy , Revitalizer 4x4 Rwd Revitalizers 4x4

Search is running on-II Search is running onEdit

Part 3: It would have been faster to carry out the search, if you only knew what to look for. Perhaps you'll be lucky and you'll find the treasure.

  • Fish 85 times
  • Search out the Temple 105 times
  • Search C.O.'s Hut 126 times

Great! Now you can be sure: not a single corner is left on the whole island.

Reward: 1000 Coins , 6 Lemon-Rwd Lemon Trees

Demulcent for Tikki-II Demulcent for TikkiEdit

Part 4: It looks like the Chief's treasure is no trifle. You have to bring Undughi to senses so that he could finally tell what has happened.

  • Find 15 glasses of Carrot juice on your Island (Harvest time: 2 hours)
  • Find 15 Bananas with Chocolate (Harvest time: 7 mins)
  • Find 9 portions of Lemon mousse (Harvest time: 16 hours)

Great! Nothing can calm Ticky down better than a square dinner!

Reward: 550 Experience , Dynamite 4x4-Rwd Dynamite 4x4


What's happened-II What's happened?Edit

Part 5: A satiated Tikki is a calm Tikki! It is time to ask him questions about the incident.

  • Talk to Undughi

Undughi has calmed down a little. Now it is clear where to look for precious Torry.

Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Precious time-II Precious timeEdit

Part 6: You've got to find precious Torry as fast as you can! Time is not on your side!.

  • Pick 68 orange Petals on the Tree Island (Harvest time: 3 hours)
  • Find 17 ancient Coins in the Temple
  • Find 12 Stopwatches from the Cheetah Collection (Feeding time: 3 hours)

She is not here. But you can't stop searching! Think, where else can she be?

Reward: 100 Food , 3 Sugarcane juice-Rwd Sugarcane juice

Torry-II TorryEdit

Part 7: This can't be true! Torry's turned out to be the beloved pet of Tikki's Chief!

  • Try to feed Torry 16 times (Hint: Torry will pop up at random, while feeding Animals or harvesting Crops or Trees. Even on Friends' Islands)
  • Find 12 boiled Corn ears on your Island(can be found while harvesting Corn. Harvest time: 12 hours)
  • Have 23 of Reed juice (buy for 1 Totem or ask a Friend)

Great! Mischievious Torry wants to play!

Reward: 1000 Experience , Uncle Sam' Spray-Rwd Uncle Sam'spray

The found loss-II The found lossEdit

Part 8: It looks like Torry wants to stay on your Island. You have to give the Chief something instead.

Great! The Chief didn't want to let precious Torry go, but since it was her decision to stay on your island - let it be!

Reward: 7 Amulet-Rwd , Taurean-Rwd Taurean