Abandoned hut

Ancient Hut Ancient hutEdit

  • Start uncovering the Abandoned Hut on the Tree Isle (need 10 friends)
  • Remove 20 of Grass on the Tree Isle
  • Cut down 3 Bushes
Reward: 500 Coins , 4 Cheetah-Rwd Cheetahs

New veg patches New veg patchesEdit

  • Find 7 raisins from the Grapes Collection on the Tree Isle
  • Find 5 Cabbage leaves
  • Harvest Wheat on the Tree Isle 25 times
Reward: 190 Experience , Proper Meal-Rwd Proper meal

On the verge of mystery On the verge of mysteryEdit

  • Finish uncovering the Abandoned Hut on the Tree Isle
  • Sell 15 grown-up Ostriches
  • Find 3 plush Ostriches on the Tree Isle
Reward: 3 Hippo-Rwd Hippos , Empty Notebook Empty notebook

Empty notebook Empty NotebookEdit

Reward: 50 Experience , Dynamite 4x4-Rwd Dynamite 4x4

Chemistry lessons Chemistry lessonsEdit

  • Collect 12 Candles (buy for Totems or ask friends)
  • Find 10 Glasses of Lemonade from the Lemon Collection on your island
  • Find 3 spices from the Flowers Collection on the Tree Isle
Reward: 3000 Coins , 2 Revitalizer 2x2 Rwd Revitalizers 2x2

Illegible handwriting Illegible handwritingEdit

  • Find 5 broken Microscopes from the Abandoned Hut Collection
  • Find 5 portions of Coconut milk on your island
  • Sell 26 grown-up Monkeys
Reward: 500 Experience , Ciphered Notebook Ciphered notebook

Secret code Secret codeEdit

  • Collect 25 Cipher Notebooks
  • Harvest 75 Tomato patches on your friends' island
  • Harvest Kiwis 56 times
Reward: Ciphered Notebook-Rwd Notebook , Water Tower-Rwd Water Tower