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Tell me everything! Tell me everything!Edit

Part 1: You should tell Dr. Ross what you’ve seen on Thunderstorm Island. It must be very interesting to her.

  • Talk to dr.Ross

It is so wonderful to see a person so much devoted to work!

Reward: 50 Experience , 150 Coins

Amazing plants Amazing plantsEdit

part 2: Dr. Ross needs some plant samples from the Thunderstorm and other Islands to compare them

  • Remove 10 Plants on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms)
  • Get the crops of Strawberries 45 times on your Island (costs: 60 Coins per patch)
  • Remove 25 Plants on your friends' Islands

Fabulous! You’re doing great!

Reward: 250 Experience , 6 Hippo-Rwd Hippos

Soil samples Soil samplesEdit

part 3: This is strange – Emmy has failed to grow anything from the Thunderstorm Island seeds. Perhaps there is something unusual in the Thunderstorm Island soil?

  • Find 9 Magnets on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms) (play the Memory-game...)
  • Pick 45 Flowers on the Tree Island
  • Find 12 sacks with Grass from the Hippopotamus Collection

Great! Sprouts have survived in the soil samples you collected.

Reward: 750 Coins , 3 Pure Energy-Rwd Pure Energy

Energy exchange Energy exchangeEdit

Part 4:Dr. Ross's managed to grow small sprouts, but they are too weak. There must (be) something else on the Thunderstorm Island.

  • Have 50 of Net (Pure) Energy
  • Play (the) One-arm(ed) Bandit 25 times
  • Have 18 Sparks (Buy for Totems or ask from friends)

Is it about neverending thunderstorms on this amazing island?

Reward: 8 Energy , 3 Fertilizer-Rwd Fertilizers

Wondrous Plants Wondrous plantsEdit

Part 5: Dr. Ross is very upset with the fact that she can't be in two places at the same time. She needs your help with growing plants from the Thunderstorm Island.

  • Have 12 of Fertilizer
  • Find 7 charred Branches on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms)
  • Make 3 Plants from the Thunderstorm Island in the Greenhouse

Great! No one would have grown these capricious plants better than you!

Reward: 350 Experience , Spray 'Puppy'-Rwd Spray 'Puppy'

Unusual Conditions Unusual conditionsEdit

Part 6: Do you think these plants will strike roots on your island? Come and try!

  • Bed 5 Plants from the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms) on your Island
    (They can be crafted in the Greenhouse and/or found in your Invertory)
  • Find 3 Condensators on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms)
    (Play the Memory game on the Island of Storms)
  • Find 12 Dried Melons from the Melons Collection

Great! Looks like the plants are feeling fine.

Rewards: 150 Wood , Lucky Cocktail Lucky Cocktail

One more experiment One more experimentEdit

Part 7: One more small ask from Dr. Ross. Watch the animals' behaviour on the Thunderstorm Island. It's not difficult, is it?

  • Feed the Sheep 50 (times) on the Thunderstorm Island (Island of Storms)
  • Use any Cocktail 2 times
  • Kick away Angry Dogs 7 times

Great! Have you noticed these small sparks appearing on the sheep's fleece?

Reward: Bait for a good Doggy-Rwd Bait for a good doggy , A bunch of Immortelles A bunch of Immortelles