Abduction of the Century


  • Anniversary (available after update 1.86.1; contains 5 parts, Time limit: 30 days 15 hours)

Banana Paradise-I

Big Wet Day

Champion's Breakfast-II

Dance Festival-I

Day of the Best Hunter

Fire in the Heart

Golden Fleece-Start

Harvest Fest

  • Harvest Fest (starts at level 32, contains 7 parts. Time limit: 7 days)

Hunter's Big Heart

Island gamess

Island Plainsboro

Invasion of really wild animals

Mandarin Duck

Memory Abyss

Miss Island

Platinum Fleece-Start

Rescue Mission

Royal Hippopotamus

Sky Flamingo

South-polar wind

Spring Fest!

  • Spring Fest (Seasonal Quest, available for level 30 and above, contains 4 parts. Time limit: 11 days)

The night of Fireworks-Timed

Tribute to volcano

Vegetable diet-II

Energetic marathon

Totems' marathon1

Viral marathon1

NOTE: The following items are needed during timed quests. Be a pal and help your friends out with the following time-critical items:

Available for Totems or Request for help only

  • Decorated Logs (Fire in the Heart quest)
  • Glue (Hunter's Heart and Hunter's Big Heart quests)
  • Wax (Hunter's Heart and Hunter's Big Heart quests)
  • Blue wire (Day of the Best Hunter)
  • Green wire (Day of the Best Hunter)
  • Red wire (Day of the Best Hunter)
  • Wire cutters (Day of the Best Hunter)

Available from builds rewards, harvesting, totems, or request for help

  • Matches (Day of the Best Hunter)
  • Books (Day of the Best Hunter)
  • Flasks (Day of the Best Hunter)


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